Ukulele vs Guitar: Differences & Which Is Better for You?

Ukulele vs Guitar

Are you caught up in the ukulele vs guitar debate and are wondering which is more suited for you?

This article will tell you what ukulele is, what a guitar is, how to differentiate between the two and how to decide when it comes to ukulele vs guitar.

While quite similar and popular, it is interesting to note that the guitar and ukulele are associated with such frivolous stereotypes. For example, Ukelele is thought of as a more relaxed, leisurely instrument. But, on the other hand, the guitar is considered a more professional instrument.

Either way, both instruments are equally popular among all age groups. However, they have their fair share of similarities and dissimilarities in deciding which instrument to pick and learn. Other than that, both have their historical significance that musicians love to go back to.

Ukulele vs guitar Reddit and ukulele vs quora is filled with suggestions, first-hand experiences, and tips and tricks, but we’ll break it down for you.

Let’s take a look at the instruments.


  • The most apparent similarity is that they’re both stringed instruments such as bass, cello, violin, viola, and others.
  • This means that the strings, when struck, produce a musical sound. This reverberation is known as natural amplification. Electric guitar strings, in comparison with acoustic guitar strings, require electronic amplifiers for amplification. Due to this factor, an acoustic guitar is more similar to a ukulele than is an electric guitar.
  • Both ukulele and guitars use a fretboard system; they involve string stretched along with a piece of wood (also called frets)
  • Both instruments are portable and easy to carry about compared to others of the string family drums, piano, etc.


Ukulele vs guitar chords:

Ukulele vs guitar chords

So what is the chord situation for guitar and ukulele? What is the difference between a ukulele and guitar chords?

Now, this is a significant factor to consider. Beginners will find the ukulele more suitable due to the chord arrangement. A note that is played using three to four chords on the guitar can be played using just one chord on the ukulele, making the concepts of chords easier to grasp and retain.

Ukulele vs guitar tuning: 

Ukulele vs guitar tuning

The tuning of the guitar and ukulele are entirely different. The ukulele is tuned into the notes G-C-E-A while the guitar notes E-A-D-G-B-Clearly; both the instruments are tuned poles apart and have nothing similar between them.

Orienting to the other instrument might be a daunting task for the guitarist or ukulele player as both the instruments are different.

Ukulele vs guitar price:

If you’re debating which is more feasible to get as a beginner, ukulele vs guitar for child or yourself? Then the ukulele is your pick. This is because a ukulele is smaller, easier to get acquainted with, and costs cheaper too.

This is more convenient in case the instrument does not work out for you.

A great uke will cost you around $50-$100. A good guitar will cost you roughly $300.

One can evaluate whether they are looking to invest in something more professional? In that case, the guitar is the pick. However, the ukulele would be a more appropriate pick for a hobby or as a beginner and on a budget.

What is a Baritone ukulele?

In terms of the different ukulele sizes, Baritone Ukulele is smaller and, therefore, easier to get your hands around. Consequently, it is generally considered to be easiest to learn compared to other types of ukuleles.

An incredible thing to note about the Baritone Ukulele is that it offers a broader fret and string space and a greater area for the musician’s fingers to adjust as a beginner.

Another thing is that it is the most similar form of ukulele to a guitar as its strings ( D-G-B-E) are tuned the same as the top strings of a guitar (E-A-D-G-B-E). This makes it convenient for the Baritone ukulele player to shift to guitar or vice versa.

The bottom two strings can be ignored, and the two can be juggled and mastered easily with a bit of practice.


This is our take on the ukulele vs guitar debate.

The practicalities and technicalities make it evident that the ukulele is easier to purchase and learn by most people.

A lot goes into choosing the right instrument for you. Hopefully, this article has provided you with the information on each instrument, their similarities and dissimilarities, how much harder guitar is than a ukulele, and all the other jazz.

While all the nitty-gritty practical things are imperative to consider, it is also essential to follow your heart and pick the instrument that you find interesting and see yourself playing and enjoying daily.

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