What’s Keyboard Weighted Keys And Why You Need to Use?

keyboard weighted keys

Do you want to learn how to play the piano professionally? Are you curious if weighted keys can help you in this process?

If yes then this is the right place for you. Today we are going to talk about keyboard weighted keys and why you should use them so stick along if you really want things to work out in your favor. 

Weighted Keys for a Keyboard 

To become a proper musician, it’s of utmost importance that you first practice it at home. The more you practice, the better you’ll get with your piano playing skills.

However, it’s a fact that not everyone can afford a full-sized piano and well, it requires quite a lot of space too so if you don’t have any of it, things can be a little challenging for you.

Luckily, there are digital keyboards that come with weighted keys that can help you get the exact same feels just like an acoustic piano. What’s best is that both these keyboards and the weighted keys are small in size so they can fit your space easily.

And on top of everything, they are both affordable in price which means that you won’t even have to worry about your budget. 

Now before you invest in weighted keys, it’s important to learn why you need them in the first place, how they work, and what difference they can make for you. 

What Are Weighted Keys?

Weighted keys are a feature included in digital pianos and keyboards to mimic the action of an acoustic piano. The pianist can create an array of different expressive possibilities with weighted keys as it becomes easier for them to take complete control.

There are different types of weighted keys that you should know about. Starting from;

1-Not Weighted

If you buy a budget-friendly or MIDI keyboard, it probably won’t have weighted keys. In other words, these keyboards don’t use any weight in the keyped but the good news is that these keyboards still have the kind of sensitivity and velocity you need to enjoy playing music on them. 

2-Semi Weighted

If you buy a keyboard that comes above the “beginner” class then you’ll get some semi-weighted action. In simpler words, you’ll experience a spring action with them that has more resistance to offer than a weighted keyboard.

You’ll definitely feel the difference if you extend your budget from “not-weighted” keyboards to “semi-weighted” keyboards. 

3-Graded Weighting

A high-end digital piano or an acoustic piano comes with graded weighting. For example, if you ever play an acoustic piano, you’ll see how there’s more resistance when you play the lower range and how the resistance is quite less when you move towards the upper range.

To improve the playability of these pianos, weights are added to each key individually. If you ever buy an acoustic piano with graded weighting, you’ll get the one that has wooden keys instead of plastic. 

4-Hammer Action Keyboards

A stage piano or a digital piano with hammer action keyboards is almost similar to the hammer mechanism of an acoustic piano. This happens because the lever system is attached near the key to add more resistance in both upper and lower ranges.

These are some of the main types of keyboard-weighted keys that you need to know about. Especially if you are a beginner, you’ll have to educate yourself on the types so that you know what you want in the end. 

What Are The Benefits Of Weighted Keys?

If you are looking for keyboards with weighted keys for beginners then here are some benefits that you need to know about; 

1-They Are The Best For Beginners

When you move between the keys, you should have some strength in your fingers. This is where weighted keys come in handy for beginners. It helps them with dexterity and the best part is that when you regularly practice with these keys, it becomes easier for you to build the required momentum.

2-Improved Muscle Memory

Playing the piano is one tough job especially because you have to get really good with the movement of your fingers. When you are playing certain music on a piano, it means that you are playing from your memory.

Now a weighted keyboard can help you develop some good muscle memory which makes it easier for you to perform a certain song or music without any hassle. 

3-It Helps Boost Your Stamina

Working on the uniformity of your playing technique is of utmost importance when you want to become a professional pianist. This happens only when your resistance improves your stamina.

To play longer pieces more efficiently, you should use weighted keyboards and you’ll definitely witness some great results. 

4-You Can Easily Transition To Piano

As said earlier, if you are a beginner you should first start with keyboard weighted keys because they can really help you transition to a piano easily.

It’s all about making some strong muscle memory and boosting the stamina of your fingers with some good resistance. The more you practice with keyboard-weighted keys, the easier it will be for you to play on a piano. 


Now that you know what keyboard-weighted keys are and how they can come in handy for you, it’s time that you start looking for one right away.

You can easily find the cheapest weighted keyboard online and even in the local music stores. So without wasting any time, start looking for one and see how things change for you. 

We’d recommend every beginner to start with keyboard-weighted keys instead of directly starting with a piano. If you want to be good at something or if you want to master the art of playing piano then you first need to put in some real effort and dedication. 

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