17 Best Piano Books for Intermediate Players (Exclusive)

17 Best Piano Books for Intermediate Players (Exclusive)

Are you looking for the best piano books for intermediate players?

Music is the nourishment of the soul. People learn to play piano for various reasons, one of which is that it speaks to their soul.

Playing the piano is a meticulous skill to acquire. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate-level player, or maestro, having a guidebook for lessons is a must.

If you’re a piano player looking for some fantastic intermediate piano books for adults, then you’re in the right place. The article below has a list of piano books shortlisted from hundreds available in the market.

One can use these to learn intermediate-level piano quickly. The list covers great pianists such as Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Schumann, and many more.

Since this is a comprehensive guide, we have created a table of content. So you can jump directly to the section that you want to read.

What Is Intermediate Level Piano?

Intermediate level piano or grade 3-5 level is a middle ground when it comes to playing the piano. The intermediate level is between the beginner and advanced levels.

Intermediate-level players have learned their fundamentals. They can play easy-to-read pieces but not more complex ones. They know how to play arpeggios in major and minor forms.

They have a standard SASR score of somewhere between 400 – 800.

Note: grade systems are between 0-8.

Best Piano Books for Intermediate Players 2021

Here’s a list of the best piano books for intermediate players. These are some of the most popular books in the market loved by most piano players.

They provide an excellent guide in terms of all piano music genres. They also have instructions and tutorials for classical music pieces.

Let us go through the list one by one.

1. First Grade Book

First Grade Book

First Grade Book available at Hal Leonard, this tried and tested book by John Thompson has been an evergreen bestseller. 

This book is considered one of the best beginner piano books for adults. If you’re a fast and persevering learner, this book is perfect for you.

If you wish to use beginner piano lessons before using this one, ‘teaching little fingers to play and ‘teaching little fingers to play more’ will perfectly fit into the picture.

2. Classics to Moderns

Classics to Moderns

Classics to Moderns book contains works from renowned composers and piano maestros that you would generally not be able to find in other books. 

In addition, it covers a wide range of works of both old age and new age times.

3. Suzuki Piano School

Suzuki Piano School

Suzuki Piano School the new edition is of great convenience as it includes translations in French, German, and Spanish. The famous artist Seizo Azuma has helped with the translations. 

In addition, it has the same number of music pieces as the earlier editions. The only difference is in the text presentations, which have been more presentable and minimal style.

There is an addition of Tempo markings and omission of instruction material as there is already instruction text in the header and footer of the pages.

4. Easy Classics to Moderns

Easy Classics to Moderns

Easy Classics to Moderns book contains a collection of 142 pieces of beautiful piano solos by famous piano composers dating back from the second half of the 17th century till the present day. 

This is one of the best piano books for adults.

5. The Joy of First Year Piano

The Joy of First Year Piano

The Joy of First Year Piano guide is unique in that the piano lessons are methodically given. Various methods have been employed so the student can pick the one suitable for them. 

It can also be used for carefully graded pieces.

6. Learn to Read Music

Learn to Read Music

Learn to Read Music book can help one understand the notation in piano playing as a beginner too. 

With some beginner-level content, the book works well for both beginners and higher-level players. It can be used as both a classroom level and reference book for music.

7. The Joy of Classics

The Joy of Classics

The Joy of Classics book contains around 71 easy-to-play piano pieces making it an excellent pick for intermediate piano players. It is an amalgamation of rhythm, emotion, and good melodies.

8. The Piano Handbook

The Piano Handbook

The Piano Handbook is great to help better your piano playing skills. It provides piano tutorials of various music genres, including classical, jazz, fusion, etc. 

The unique methods to play piano given in the book allow for more integrated and fun learning. It comes with audio to assist it as well.

A colorful section on the history of the piano and some timeless classical pieces is a treat for the eye. In addition, its hardcover version comes with spiral binding, making it convenient to keep and use on the piano.

This book not only gives you piano lessons but the qualities needed to be a performer and a good musician.

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9. First Lessons in Bach

First Lessons in Bach

First Lessons in Bach written by Walter Carroll and Bach himself, this book includes all of the great Bach’s piano pieces. 

A small book of only 20 pages is excellent for beginners and intermediate-level players who want to learn Bach as a beginner.

10. Schumann


Schumann is considered to be a great pianist for intermediate-level players. A preface with a good history of origin is also given. 

This edition is more informed and differentiates the older and newer edited versions well.

11. Easy Piano Favorites

Easy Piano Favorites

Easy Piano Favorites is an excellent book for a learning pianist. However, it isn’t restricted to just one pianist. It includes famous pieces from Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Brahms, Debussy, Tchaikovsky, Mozart. 

It includes around 140 easy piano pieces by leading pianists.

12. Early Advanced Classics to Moderns 

Early Advanced Classics to Moderns 

Early Advanced Classics to Moderns has a good selection of music for intermediate to advanced players. In addition, it has a wide selection of piano literature. It is displayed in a range of colors and designs. 

The pieces shortlisted and included in this book give a good learning opportunity to students of intermediate level.

13. Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course

Alfred's Basic Adult Piano Course

Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course is both for beginners and intermediate-level players. It uses the chords approach to teach how to play the piano.

It works best when used under the supervision of an experienced piano teacher. 

14. Raffi: Children’s Favorite

Raffi: Children's Favorites

Raffi: Children’s Favorite by Daniel Macfarlane is one of the best beginner piano books for adults. This level one book is sure to help rookies stay motivated and interested to learn more.

The level uses a unique and creative method to keep students hooked and willing to take more from it. It constantly encourages them to make their tunes and get into a creative state of mind.

15. Ludwig Van Beethoven

Ludwig Van Beethoven

Ludwig Van Beethoven two volumes of work include 32 sonatas in one 1 volume and 17 sonatas in his other volume. What’s interesting about this work is that it includes autograph impressions of Beethoven.

Other essential features include changes in note heads, I.e., note heads have been made more prominent. In addition, other text editions involving margins, fingerings, etc., have made it more convenient to use.

Whether the pianist is a rookie, intermediate-level pianist, or advanced level, this version fits all.

16. George Winston

George Winston

If you’re looking for some contemporary music – George Winston is the way to go. This piano book is the best compilation of his piano pieces.

George Winston chose the book cover and songs and wrote the preface and the notes all by himself. This book includes 20 of his favorite songs.

17. The Joy Of Mozart

The Joy Of Mozart

The Joy Of Mozart picked and edited by Denes Agay, includes the works of Mozart of easy to intermediate levels. 

It also includes arrangements of his admired works that have been adapted in operas, concertos, and orchestras.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q: Do piano books work?

A: Compared to YouTube videos and in-person lessons, piano books have their own merits. One can have a more customized lesson that is suitable to their time and pace.

There are loads of other merits. They’re less costly, and one can always go back to them when needed.

Q: How can I learn to play piano by myself?

A: While it is recommended that one takes lessons from a trained piano teacher as a beginner, some people like to learn at their own pace.

For this reason, piano books are ideal for teaching yourself to play the piano. These are some of the best piano books for self-teaching.

What’s the Best Piano Book for Intermediate Players?

Choosing the piano books that fit your needs and covers the composers and pieces you’re looking to learn can be a daunting task. However, using the list above, one can decide which one to go ahead with.

Every book has one thing or the other to offer. Every book has something unique to offer. This list includes not just the best books to learn classical piano, but other essential genres are also covered.

Best jazz piano books are also part of this list, so there’s something for everyone! Some books come with piano sheet music, while others focus on the chord progression.

There are so many ways to take piano lessons – YouTube lessons, in-person lessons, and the one we’ve covered here, i.e., using piano books.

Hopefully, this list of best piano books for intermediate players has fulfilled its purpose of informing our pianists and those looking to learn the piano at an intermediate level about the various piano books available in the market.

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