13 Best Percussion Instruments That You Should Know

Percussion Instruments

As a musician, it is important to know what the best percussion instruments are and how they work.

In this blog post, we will tell you all about 13 of the best percussion instruments that you should know. Some of these include Drum, Xylophone, electronic drum, and many more!

We also included some helpful tips for each instrument so that you can better understand its sound and function. You’ll learn how to play them as well as where they come from in this complete guide!

What Is Percussion Instruments?

A percussion instrument is any musical instrument that is played by striking it with another object, such as hands, sticks, or mallets. Percussion instruments are part of the percussion family and are some of the most common instruments found in a band or orchestra.

Types of Percussion Instruments

There are many different types of percussion, each with its own unique sound. Percussion family instruments can be divided into two categories: idiophones and membranophones.

Now let’s move to the list of the best percussion instruments that you should know.

13 Best Percussion Instruments List

1. Drum


Drum is the best percussion instrument that you should know. It is a cylindrical container that can produce sound when it is struck vertically with a stick or other object.

The body of an acoustic drum is made from wood and covered with animal skin on one or both ends. While the size of drums varies, they have a hollow chamber where the sound resonates. Drums are used in many genres of music, such as rock, pop, jazz, and blues.

2. Xylophone


Xylophone is also one of the best percussion that you should know. It is a musical instrument that consists of wooden bars placed over resonating chambers.

The bars are held above the resonators by means of an easily adjustable keyboard mechanism. Xylophones produce a high-pitched tone with long decay and slight vibrato when playing staccato notes.

3. Tambourine


Tambourine is also one of the percussion family instruments that you should know. It is a musical instrument that consists of a round frame, with pairs of small metal jingles fastened to its circular rim.

There are many types of tambourines; however, they all consist of two basic parts: the “frame” and the “head.”

4. Marimba


Marimba is a percussion instrument that is made from hardwood, with metal bars that are struck with mallets.

The marimba has a mellower sound than the xylophone; it is often used in jazz, classical, and world music.

5. Snare Drum

Snare Drum

Snare Drum is a bundle of wires held under tension over a metal shell, which is used to play Percussion Instruments. It is a high-pitched and loud percussion instrument that produces sharp sounds often associated with military marches or martial music.

6. Bell


Bell instruments produce a distinctive metallic sound that can be identified easily. Percussion instruments from the bell family are mainly used in orchestras and bands due to their beautiful timbre.

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7. Cymbal


Cymbal is a percussion instrument that is played by striking it with a stick. It is commonly used in orchestras and concert bands.

8. Gong


Gong is a percussion instrument that is made up of a metal plate that is hit with a hammer or sticks to produce sound. It is often used in religious ceremonies and traditional music.

9. Tabla


Tabla is an Indian percussion instrument. It is similar to dum, but it has two sides differing in pitch, one side played by the drummer’s right hand and the other by the left hand.

10. Hang


Hang is a good percussion instrument that you should know. It is a concave metal disk with a handle in the center. The player holds the disk by the handle and strikes the concave surface with a mallet. This produces a unique sound that is often used in modern music.

11. Chime


Chime percussion instruments are a class of struck idiophones. The best-known example is the glockenspiel, which was originally used by metalworkers to mark the rhythm of their work. Chimes are often made of metal, glass, or ceramic, and may be played either by hand or with a mallet.

12. Woodblock


Woodblock is one of the percussion wooden instruments that is very popular and is used in traditional music. A woodblock instrument originated from old ways of marking time before the bell was invented. The sound of woodblock is high and they are also known as clackers.

13. Conga Drum

Conga Drum

Conga Drum is one of the most classic Latin Percussion instruments. This instrument is shaped very similarly to the modern-day drum set. The shell consists of two major materials, wood, and metal. Conga drum is played by striking the head with your hands, fingers, or beater.

What Are the Best Percussion Instruments?

We hope you will now get the list of the best percussion instruments that allow you to become a percussion virtuoso.

Besides, Percussion family instruments are very important for any music lover. If you want to be in a percussion section, or just add Percussion sounds to your tracks, Percussion family instruments will be your must-have.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q: What are 5 tuned percussion instruments?

A: Percussion instruments are A Percussive Musical Instrument that is designed to produce sound primarily by the use of percussion.

Percussion Instruments include most drums and cymbals, as well as other Percussion family instruments. You can also check out Types of Musical Note You Need to Use.

Q: Is piano a percussion?

A: According to the definition of Percussion Instruments, the piano is not percussion.

That’s all!

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