10 Best Headless Guitars in 2021 (Compared)

10 Best Headless Guitars in 2021
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With the user-friendly design and portability that these guitars offer to musicians, the era of headless guitars has resurfaced. Headless guitars are known for the funky tunes they produce and a peculiar yet eye-catching look. This sets them apart from standard guitars.

If you’re interested in buying one, carry on reading this article as we give you up-to-date info about what they are, which headless guitars are for sale these days, and which of them made it to the list of 10 best headless guitars in 2021.

Best Headless Guitars in 2021

  1. EART Headless Electric Guitar
  2. Steinberger (GM) gm4t W/TransTrem
  3. ASMUS Headless Travel Guitar
  4. Strandberg Boden Plini Edition Natural
  5. Steinberger Spirit GT-Pro Deluxe
  6. Strandberg Boden Classic 6 Trem
  7. ZA6 Kiesel Zeus (Best Headless Acoustic-Electric Guitar)
  8. Jammy Midi Guitar (Best Midi Headless Guitar)
  9. Strandberg Boden Fusion 6
  10. HH2 Allan Holdsworth

EART Headless Electric Guitar

EART Headless Electric Guitar

EART headless guitar is a budget-friendly headless guitar type. The estimated price of this guitar is $300, which is quite affordable compared to other headless guitars. If you’re looking for a headless guitar with the best value, this one is it.

This guitar has a great look to it. Its body is made of African redwood, which is comparatively more affordable than tonewoods used in making bodies of other varieties of guitars. Its fretboard is made of Indian Rosewood with frets made of highly durable stainless steel.

EART headless guitars target various genres, including metal, modern progressive metal, electro, rock, jazz, and modern pop-rock.

It has two fundamental types available: the W1 version with a Tremolo bridge and W2 with a fixed bridge giving guitarists two great options to choose from.

Steinberger (GM) gm4t W/TransTrem

Steinberger (GM) gm4t W/TransTrem

Steinberger headless guitars are one of the most popular headless guitar brands out there. If you’re a rock/fusion guitarist and are looking for a guitar to create that 80’s vibe for you, then Steinberger (gm) gm4t w/ transtrem is the ideal choice of headless guitar you.

It has an estimated price of $2000.

This variety may not be as popular as in the ’80s, but it is an evergreen variety for those who enjoy that vibe.

Its body is made of Alder or Maple. The neck is made of carbon fiber. It has a scale of 25.5 inches and a total of 24 frets. With three bridge varieties available that include Steinberger S-Trem, Steinberger TransTrem, Steinberger vibrato, there’s an excellent choice to choose from.

ASMUS Headless Travel Guitar

ASMUS Headless Travel Guitar

Asmus headless travel guitar is known for its portability and affordability making it a popular pick. Its targets musicians of all genre, who are on the move at all times.

Its estimated price is $395.Its body is made of Mahogany and neck of maple. It has a unique adjustable modular bridge for update and exchange.

This guitar is a combination of Neck Pick-up:LIGHTNING of LH-N type and Bridge Pick-up:LIGHTNING of LH-B type.

Strandberg Boden Plini Edition Natural

Strandberg Boden Plini Edition Natural

If modern progressive metal guitar music is your thing, then Strandberg Boden Plini is the guitar to get. This signature guitar is a package of unique sounds with a vast range.

Plini has a fantastic acoustic and modern lookIt has a swamp ash body with maple on the top. It has a roasted maple neck. Its Fretboard consists of 24 frets. Originating in Indonesia, it has a strings lock bridge and a Strandberg EGS series 5 Tremolo bridge.

From solo innovative guitar tunes to jazz to progressive metal, this guitar can tremendously cover all.

Steinberger Spirit GT-Pro Deluxe

Steinberger Spirit GT-Pro Deluxe

The Steinberger series is named after Ned Steinberger, who is their creator.

With an estimated $400, it is one of the best cheap headless guitars to choose from. If you’re looking for a headless guitar that is both portable and affordable, this is the guitar to go for.

The range of sounds that it offers to musicians can double as both a stage show guitar or be used for professional recordings.

It has fantastic features. Its body is made of maple and neck of hard maple. Its Fretboard consists of 24 frets, and the bridge consists of 40: 1 Direct Drive R-Trem Tremolo. It has a variety of pickup configurations to choose from.

Strandberg Boden Classic 6 Trem

Strandberg Boden Classic 6 Trem

One of the most popular and widely sold guitar brands out there. Strandberg Boden Classic 6 Trem is part of their classic series but a top-notch overall pick among headless guitars regarding its features.

Because of its headless design, it is relatively lighter compared to other guitars. Another feature is that the guitar’s tuning occurs at the body compared to the neck in other guitars, which is a more comfortable position for most people. 

Its body is made of solid Alder and neck of roasted Maple with Carbon Fibre reinforcements. The structure of the guitar is overall very ergonomic and user-friendly. It is the best overall headless guitar.

With a customizable pickup configuration and bridge, it comes under custom headless guitars.

ZA6 Kiesel Zeus (Best Headless Acoustic-Electric Guitar)

ZA6 Kiesel Zeus (Best Headless Acoustic-Electric Guitar)

If you’re looking for an excellent headless acoustic-electric guitar to enjoy playing solo, this is the one to pick!

This guitar has a Mahogany body and a spruce top. Its fretboard has around 

24 stainless medium-jumbo. Despite its small body, it plays and looks just like an electric guitar.

Jammy Midi Guitar (Best Midi Headless Guitar)

Jammy Midi Guitar (Best Midi Headless Guitar)

The idea of an amalgamation of MIDI with a headless guitar is both excellent and valuable as it can double as a keyboard and guitar. If you’re a keyboardist and guitarist, this Guitar is for you.

It has a total of 15 frets. It is supported on all major DAWs, including Garage Band, Reaper, Able ton, Logic Pro, etc.

Strandberg Boden Fusion 6

Strandberg Boden Fusion 6

If you’re looking for an incredible fusion headless guitar, this guitar is the one to get. It has a chambered, Alder Solid-body, and the neck consists of Roasted Maple Endur Neck.

It is an excellent option for solo players. 

It has a pickup configuration of 2 humbucking pickups and one single-coil pick.

Its bridge is Tremolo EGS 5. It’s a little heavy on the pockets but definitely worth the investment.

HH2 Allan Holdsworth

HH2 Allan Holdsworth

Named after the great musician Allan Holdsworth, it can work well for solo guitarists or 

This guitar has an optional chambering and an alder body. The neck is Eastern Hard rock Maple, and it has a fret count of 24.

While this guitar company targets everyone, admirers of Allah Hordsworth’s music come on the top.

Conclusion –  Headless Guitars

This complete and holistic list of the best headless bass guitars of 2021 is an excellent resource for you if you’re searching for which one to buy.

With all features and amazon links attached, you can make a clear and informed decision just by reading this article instead of looking up each one separately.

While there are other amazing headless guitars out there other than those listed above, this is a shortlisted article including some of the famous and best headless guitars out there.

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