Bass vs Guitar 2023: Compare Size, Difficulty, Difference, and More

Bass vs Guitar 2021

If you are wondering whether to pick bass vs guitar, you should know that a lot goes into making this decision. This bass vs guitar debate is an old one, but some facts cannot be solved.

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Whether you’re a beginner or a rookie musician trying to figure out which instrument to begin with or if you already play one of the instruments and wish to learn the other one, this article will provide you with just the right amount of facts and information.

The article will also teach you about the difference between bass and guitar and information about electric guitar and electric bass guitar. Let’s dive straight into it.

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Difference between bass and guitar

The difference between the two instruments is quite apparent. Bass vs guitar Reddit comments has also allowed us to share first-hand experiences with the reader. These are listed below.

Bass vs guitar – Size

While there are other primary features based on which people differentiate between bass and guitar, these features matter more when it comes to picking the suitable instrument for themselves.

However, the size of the instrument is also an essential factor to consider, and it may be the primary factor for you! So let’s discuss it.

The bass guitar, compared to the electric guitar, is a larger instrument. It also has thicker strings than an electric guitar. This is an essential factor to consider as people with smaller built may need to exert more energy to play it.

Bass vs guitar – strings

An electric guitar usually has six strings. An exception is that it may have 12 strings. A bass guitar, on the other hand, has four strings.

Guitar with 12 strings

Some electric guitars have 12 strings. An electric guitar with 12 strings has the following differences from a standard 6 string guitar.

The neck of 12 string guitar is a lot thicker than that of a 6 string guitar.

Basses with 4 strings

A standard bass is 4 stringed. However, exceptions have arisen with demand for more than 4 stringed basses. So now we have 5 stringed and 6 stringed basses as well. A common example is the Fender Bass 6 with is 6 stringed, as the name suggests.

String Thickness

The number of strings on an electric guitar and an electric bass guitar vary. Similarly, the thickness and material of the string differ too.

Bass strings are usually thicker and longer compared to guitar strings.

String Material

Another important thing that varies is the material of the string.

An electric guitar usually has strings made up of nickel or steel. On the other hand, if you’re using an acoustic guitar, strings made up of metal or soft nylon are more apt.

Strings for the bass have the most variety available. Here are some of the standard string materials used. While these may sound like species of worms, they’re actually string material types:

  • Flat wound
  • Tape wound
  • Round wound

Bass Vs Guitar – Tuning

The tuning of the electric guitar and electric bass guitar vary a little.

Firstly, keep in mind that an electric guitar is a 6 string instrument while an electric bass guitar is a 4 string instrument.

The tuning of an electric guitar is E-A-D-G-B-E. This tells us that the lowest string is an E followed by an A and so on. On the other hand, the bass guitar has the first 4 notes of a regular guitar, i.e., E-A-D-G. The bass vs guitar octave is slightly different due to one octave, which is down in pitch for a bass guitar.

Bass Vs Guitar Difficulty

Are you wondering is bass easier than guitar? The answer is no. In terms of the difficulty level, a bass is larger and has thicker strings, so it is harder for rookies or small people to master. This tells us that bass is usually more difficult to learn compared to guitars.

Bass vs guitar- cost

Generally, a bass costs more than a guitar. A bass may cost $50 more than a guitar. This is because a bass is more significant than a guitar and has more material put into its making. Its stringers are thicker too and have more variety available. This raises its price in the market.

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Bass and guitar are both incredible instruments to learn and master. However, both have their sets of differences and pros and cons that help musicians evaluate which is more suitable for them.

Hopefully, this article has informed the musicians about the differences in features they were seeking for bass vs guitar to make their pick.

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