21 Metal Bands With Female Singers That You Need to Know

Metal Bands With Female Singers

Metal is a diverse world that has seen contributions from both male and female artists. While iconic bands like Iron Maiden, Slayer, and Metallica dominate the scene, there’s an array of phenomenal metal bands with female singers making significant waves.

In this blog post, we will discuss 21 metal bands with female singers that you need to know about. So get ready to be blown away by their music!

List of the Best Metal Bands with Female Singers

1. Sharon den Adel: Leading Within Temptation’s Charge

Sharon den Adel

Immerse yourself in the captivating journey of Within Temptation, a Dutch metal powerhouse formed in 1996. Led by the exceptional Sharon den Adel, delve into the band’s international success, the resonance of Sharon’s powerful vocals, and her influential presence within the metal community.

2. Lzzy Hale: Grammy Award Winner of Halestorm

Lzzy Hale

Lzzy Hale is the lead singer and guitarist of Halestorm, an American hard rock band that was formed in 1998, fronted by the Grammy Award-winning Lzzy Hale.

Uncover the magnetic allure of Lzzy’s commanding voice, the band’s energetic live performances, and their ascent to becoming a celebrated entity in the rock and metal panorama.

3. Alissa White-Gluz: Commanding Arch Enemy’s Global Success

Alissa White-Gluz

Navigate the landscape of Arch Enemy, the Swedish melodic death metal juggernaut formed in 1995, and witness the commanding presence of Alissa White-Gluz.

Explore the intricacies of her vocals, stage presence, and the global success achieved by Arch Enemy under her influential leadership.

4. Tarja Turunen: Nightwish’s Former Iconic Vocalist

Tarja Turunen

Unearth the solo endeavors of Tarja Turunen, the former lead singer of Nightwish, as she transcended into a solo career.

Delve into the operatic stylings that defined her Nightwish tenure, earning her accolades and selling over two million solo records.

5. Simone Simons: Epica’s Symphonic Metal Journey

Simone Simons

Immerse yourself in the symphonic world of Epica, a Dutch metal force fronted by Simone Simons. Explore Simone’s versatile vocals, the chart-topping success of Epica, and their commanding presence on major metal festivals worldwide.

6. Amy Lee: Evanescence’s Gothic Rock Prodigy

Amy Lee

Step back into the early 2000s with the gothic rock vibes of Evanescence, fronted by the prodigious Amy Lee. Traverse Amy’s powerful vocals, the band’s four studio albums, and their lasting impact on the gothic rock genre.

7. Cristina Scabbia: Lacuna Coil’s Poetic Metal Voice

Cristina Scabbia

Uncover the poetic and powerful vocals of Cristina Scabbia, lead singer of Lacuna Coil. Explore her contributions to the band’s unique sonic tapestry and her esteemed position within the metal community.

8. Doro Pesch: 30 Years of Metal Influence

Doro Pesch

Pay homage to the enduring influence of Doro Pesch, a force in the music industry for over 30 years. Recognize her impact on the surge of female-fronted metal bands and the lasting legacy she has crafted.

9. Floor Jansen: Nightwish’s Symphonic Metal Queen

Floor Jansen

Explore the journey of Floor Jansen, the symphonic metal queen, as the lead singer of Dutch Symphonic Metal band Nightwish since 2013. Delve into her popularity as a metal vocalist and the three studio albums recorded with Nightwish.

10. Angela Gossow: Arch Enemy’s Melodic Death Metal Icon

Angela Gossow

Delve into the influential presence of Angela Gossow, the lead singer for Arch Enemy since 2000, within the melodic death metal scene. Explore her contributions to the band’s success and her lasting impact on the genre.

11. Maria Brink: In This Moment’s Metalcore Visionary

Maria Brink

Get acquainted with Maria Brink, the visionary leader of the American metalcore band In This Moment since 2005. Explore the depth of her powerful vocals and introspective lyrics that define the band’s distinctive sound.

12. Otep Shamaya: A Heavy Metal Force

Otep Shamaya

Plunge into the sonic realm of Otep, a heavy metal force formed in 2000, led by the formidable voice of Otep Shamaya. Recognize her pivotal role as a prominent voice in the metal landscape, backed by acclaimed lyrics.

13. Elize Ryd: Powering Amaranthe’s Success

Elize Ryd

Explore the powerhouse vocals of Elize Ryd, the lead singer for the Swedish power metal band Amaranthe. Delve into her substantial contributions to the band’s success across three impactful albums.

14. Janet Gardner: Vixen’s Original Metal Voice

Janet Gardner

Discover the original metal voice of Janet Gardner, the lead singer of Vixen, one of the longest-standing metal bands with a female lead singer, formed in 1978.

15. Suzuka Nakamoto: Babymetal’s Unique J-Pop Metal Fusion

Suzuka Nakamoto

Immerse yourself in the unique fusion of J-pop idol vocals with heavy metal instrumentation in the Japanese metal band Babymetal, led by Suzuka Nakamoto. Appreciate the distinct sonic landscape that has captivated audiences globally.

16. Taylor Momsen: The Pretty Reckless’s Alternative Metal Queen

Taylor Momsen

Delve into the alternative metal world of The Pretty Reckless, fronted by Taylor Momsen since 2009. Explore her multifaceted musical talents showcased in the band’s four studio albums.

17. Anneke van Giersbergen: The Gathering’s Powerful Vocalist

Anneke van Giersbergen

Experience the commanding vocals of Anneke van Giersbergen, the lead singer for The Gathering. Explore how her voice perfectly complements the intensity of metal music.

18. Suzie Quatro: Pioneering Female Bassist in Rock

Suzie Quatro

Suzie Quatro is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and actress. She was the first female bass player in rock history and has been cited as an influence by many subsequent female rock musicians.

19. Morgan Lander: Kittie’s Glass Ceiling Breaker

Morgan Lander

Learn about Morgan Lander, the lead singer and guitarist of the Canadian band Kittie, and their pivotal role in breaking the glass ceiling for female-fronted metal bands.

20. Anette Olzon: Nightwish’s Former Symphonic Metal Enchantress

Anette Olzon

Explore the musical journey of Anette Olzon, the former lead singer of the Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish (joined in 2007, departed in 2012). Discover her contributions to Nightwish and her subsequent solo career with two albums.

21. Lacey Sturm: From Flyleaf to Solo Industrial Metal

Lzzy Hale min 1

Follow the intriguing career trajectory of Lacey Sturm, the former lead singer of Flyleaf. Explore her powerful and emotive vocal style that defines her solo career, characterized by industrial metal.

22. Lita Ford: A Guitar Legend’s Solo Triumph

Lita Ford

Lita Ford is an English musician, singer, and songwriter. Acknowledge the solo triumph of Lita Ford, the former lead guitarist for The Runaways. Delve into her successful solo career, establishing herself as a guitar legend.

In 1988, she married Kiss drummer Eric Carr, with whom she had a son, Brandon. They divorced in 1992.

Conclusion: Metal Bands with Female Singers

Embark on a journey through the diverse world of metal, enriched by these incredible bands led by powerhouse female vocalists. Their contributions transcend gender boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the genre and affirming that metal is a realm where talent knows no limits.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Q: What heavy metal band has a female singer?

A: Many metal bands feature female singers, with notable ones being Halestorm, Lacuna Coil, and Arch Enemy.

Q: Who is the best female metal vocalist?

A: Determining the best is subjective, but some favorites include Lzzy Hale, Cristina Scabbia, and Angela Gossow.

Q: What are the best metal bands with female singers?

A: There are numerous great bands, including Halestorm, Lacuna Coil, and Arch Enemy.

Q: Are there any metal bands with an all-female lineup?

A: Yes, some include The Runaways, Lita Ford Band, and Kittie.

Q: What is the difference between metal and rock?

A: Metal is heavier and darker than rock, known for its intense sound, distorted vocals, and heavier guitar riffs. Rock tends to be more mainstream and commercial with a lighter sound.

That’s all for the heavy metal bands with female singers list. You can also check out 19 Best Singers That Smoke Cigarettes (Famous Singers) and Why Do British Singers Sound American (Simple Guide).

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