15 Best Electric Guitar Brands in 2023: Most Popular Brands

Best Electric Guitar Brands

Are you looking for the best electric guitar brands in 2023?

There are a lot of Electric Guitar Brands on the market, and it can be tough to determine which one is right for you.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the 15 best Electric Guitar Brands in 2023. We’ve based our selection on popularity, quality, and value for money.

So whether you’re looking for an acoustic electric guitar brands or just a good old-fashioned electric guitar, you’ll find the perfect brand right here.

Now, let’s move to the list of the best electric guitar brands.

List of the Best Electric Guitar Brands

1. Danelectro

Danelectro is a company that specializes in guitars and amplifiers. They are best known for their signature guitar models, the Danelectro Hodad, which is a double-cutaway solid-body electric guitar, and the Dano ’63, which is a semi-hollow-body electric guitar.

Danelectro Electric Guitars are popular among guitarists for their unique sound and design.

The company was founded in 1947 by Nathan Daniel and is headquartered in Neptune City, New Jersey.

2. Godin

Godin is one of the best electric guitar brands now a days. We’re proud to present this Godin instrument. It’s a 100% Canadian guitar that has all of the features you would expect, including two humbuckers and three-way switching.

In an age when most guitar manufacturers are outsourcing their work not just to address the entry-level market, but also to improve profit margins, one company is remaining true to its roots by handcrafting each instrument in the same location where it was designed. We’re talking about Godin here.

Dan Godin is a Canadian company that specializes in acoustic guitars, as well as Seagull acoustic instruments. All of the guitars are still made in Quebec, as well as New Hampshire.

Because of this, their instruments are of exceptional quality, and the firm specializes on mid-range as well as high-end acoustic and electric guitars.

Robert Godin, a French Canadian entrepreneur, launched the company in Quebec, Canada, in 1972. Its headquarters are now located in Montreal. Although most electric guitar enthusiasts would associate Godin with their semi-hollow body or hollow-body guitars from the 5th Avenue series, the firm also produces some really unique solid-body instruments.

These guitars are like their acoustic Godin counterparts in that they are among the finest instruments on the market for the money.

If you play a rock or blues guitar, the Summit, Stadium, and Session are models to consider; they’re available with single and double cutaways.

The Les Paul Custom Pro is an upgraded version of the classic electric guitar, a high-end alternative to the Epiphone Les Paul. Godin’s own take on the Fender Stratocaster is the latter. We also need to mention the Godin Session HT, which is a wonderful instrument that sounds and plays well, but is reasonably priced.

3. Charvel

The Charvel is another one of the good electric guitar brands that is well-known, especially for its Superstrat guitars created in the 1980s. They are still dedicated to building high-end, high-performance guitars with professionals in mind.

That’s why most of their guitars are pricey, but they do have a few models that are affordable. Wayne Charvel started the firm in California in 1974, but it was subsequently sold to Grover Jackson, who established Jackson guitars.

Charvel went through a difficult decade until it was acquired by Fender in 2020, who revitalized it as a well-known product. Joe Duplantier, Guthrie Govan, Satchel, and Angel Vivaldi are among the musicians that play Charvel guitars today.

Charvel was able to develop a comprehensive range of electric guitars thanks to Fender’s resources, with one of the most intriguing being the Charvel Joe Duplaniter Signature San Dimas Style 2.

Despite its reputation, the PRS SE is surprisingly affordable, and best of all, it plays beautifully and sounds great. When it comes to form, at least, because this Telecaster-style instrument with dual humbuckers, a fast neck, jumbo frets, and premium tuners looks rather traditional.

4. Dean

Dean is another one of the best electric guitar brands in the world. If we didn’t include Dean from our list, fans of heavier music would be furious. Here they are, all kidding aside. For rock and metal musicians alike, Dean is one of the most trustworthy brands.

The firm’s turbulent history dates back to 1977 in Chicago, when it was established by Dean Zelinsky. At the outset of the 1980s, Dean’s popularity soared, and things really took off for him. But rock guitarists like Billy Gibbons had already recognized it.

Some of the greatest metal guitarists of all time, such as Dimebag Darrell, Michael Angelo Batio, Dave Mustaine, Michael Amott, Vinnie Moore, Michael Schenker, Rusty Cooley, Traci Guns, Leslie West, and David Shankel used Dean guitars.

The visual styles of Gibson, Fender, and Ibanez guitars are all comparable: they’re all extremely aggressive in terms of appearance and tone. Because most have sharp, angular designs that fit the metal world well, they are also quite aggressive. The ML series is home to some of their most famous pieces, including the Razorback.

5. B.C. Rich

B.C. Rich is a guitar brands electric manufacturer that creates some of the most aesthetically stunning guitars on the market. sharp cutaways, pointed edges, and metal-inspired finishes.

B.C. Rich became popular in the 1980s when their wild shapes and designs fit in with the over-the-top theatrics that was prevalent at the time, which is why so many glam metal and thrash metal guitarists used them. Slash, Kerry King, Blackie Lawless, and Paul Stanley are just a few of the iconic players that have used B.C. Rich guitars throughout their careers.

In the ‘80s, the firm grew by leaps and bounds, yet it has been producing electric guitars since 1969. Their first guitars were hand-built in a small garage by Rich himself, who remains the owner and CEO of the company to this day.

The MKIV B.C. Rich bandmaster is one of my personal favorite shredders, and it’s easy to see why: the massive, beaked headstock; the 22 jumbo frets, and Sharktooth inlays on a rosewood fretboard; the strings-thru-body design for greater sustain; and the two high-output humbuckers.

6. G&L

G&L is a good electric guitar brands company that does not get the attention or credit it deserves, in part because its electric guitars are fantastic, which is why we put it at the top of our ranking.

G&L is a lesser-known brand, but guitar enthusiasts are well acquainted with the quality and sound that G&L provides. However, in order to understand why G&L guitars are so amazing, we must travel back to the 1960s and examine the G&L-Fender relationship.

The name G&L is taken from the first-name initials of Fender and Fullerton, as you can see. The company’s new instruments improved on Fender’s original designs, which is why so many of their guitars resemble Strats, Teles, and Jaguars.

7. Rickenbacker

Rickenbacker is more well-known for their bass guitars, although they are also a prominent electric guitar manufacturer. Can you imagine anything else with the word “Rickenbacker” when you hear Lemmy’s name?

The Rickenbacker bass wasn’t just played by Lemmy; other renowned bass players such as Cliff Burton, Geddy Lee, and Chris Squire have also used the instrument for the bulk of their careers. Despite the fact that they are finely made guitars using only top-quality materials, their electric guitars don’t seem to enjoy the same popularity.

The fact that they’re so different from every other guitar on the market today plays a role. In other words, because of their distinct sound, it’s tough to compare them to current music.

Rickenbacker basses have a tone that is instantly recognizable and downright hard to duplicate on any other instrument, although they aren’t as renowned as Fender or Gibson’s tones.

8. Jackson

Jackson is another one of the best electric guitar brands. We’ve already included a few companies on this list that are excellent alternatives for metal guitarists, but no other company is as devoted to the metal as Jackson. Although they are not unsuitable for other styles, even if you looked at them simply, Jackson guitars are the pinnacle of heavy metal.

Gibson guitars, for example, were known for having rounder necks and a distinctive tilting headstock. The models that they’re most well-known for resemble the Flying V form, although they have other, more conventional forms that are reminiscent of the Strat or Superstrat shapes.

Grover Jackson founded the firm in 1980 in California, USA. Fender now owns the company and has offices in Arizona. One of the reasons why Jackson guitars are so popular is because they are very affordable.

Despite the fact that they have some premium versions in their lineup, their mid-range and entry-level guitars are their most popular. Jackson guitars don’t offer many elaborate finishes, but they are constructed using high-quality tonewoods, which is remarkable for their price. Maple body guitars are not uncommon among Jackson’s instruments.

9. Schecter

Schecter is another one of the good electric guitar brands in the world. Everybody knows Schecter as a guitar brand, and for good reason. They have really established themselves as a fantastic guitar firm that creates high-quality guitars at reasonable prices.

In fact, their guitars are frequently outfitted with features that fall into the higher price range. Even though their guitar range is broad enough that almost every player can locate a guitar that suits their playing style and preferences, they are frequently praised by heavy metal musicians because they provide everything you could desire if you enjoy playing fast and loud.

10. Duesenberg

Duesenberg guitars are made by Duesenberg Guitars, which is headquartered in Hannover, Germany. The company makes high-end solid body and semi-hollow body guitars using traditional guitar body shape combined with Art Deco design elements.

The Duesenberg Jumbuck is a low-end, laminated guitar that costs about $2000. It has 24 frets and a basswood body with three brass single-coil pickups underneath. The TV3 is the company’s most popular and well-known guitar model, which is a semi-hollow body electric instrument with one humbucker and two single-coil pickups.

11. Yamaha

Yamaha has been a leading manufacturer both in the field of musical instruments as well as motorcycles.

Yamaha is one of the leading acoustic electric guitar brands in the world. They produce some pretty amazing products, such as keyboards for professionals or acoustic guitars that can be used by beginners alike!

Their selection goes beyond just these two areas too though; they also make great electric models so you don’t have to break your budget if want something quality but still affordable – which might come into play more often than one would think when looking at Yamaha’s higher-end lineup (especially since most musicians start out small). 

12. EVH

EVH is another good electric guitar brands that are a Fender subsidiary brand and was founded by Ed Winter, the man who designed the guitar models of legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen. The EVH Wolfgang is their flagship guitar model, named after Eddie’s son Wolfgang.

The EVH Wolfgang guitar is a Les Paul-style electric guitar model created by Eddie Van Halen after his legendary rock and roll career, with all of the distinctive characteristics he designed throughout his illustrious music career.

13. Epiphone

Epiphone is a well-known best electric guitar brands on this list, owing to its lower-cost versions of Gibson electric guitars such as the Les Paul and SG. However, few people are aware that Epiphone has a long history in creating musical instruments dating back before Gibson.

Epiphone actually began in 1873. Epiphone began as a small business in what is now Turkey making stringed instruments and began producing acoustic guitars in 1928, so the company has been at it for quite some time. In 1903, the firm relocated to the United States.

Epiphone was formed in 1903, and the company has a long history of making inexpensive versions of their most valuable instruments. In 1957, Gibson purchased Epiphone, and they have been producing affordable variants of some of their most cherished guitars ever since.

14. Squier

The Squier-Fender connection is comparable to that of Gibson and Epiphone. To put it another way, Squier makes lower-cost Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars comparable to those made by Fender.

Epiphones are certainly not the cheapest guitars on this list, but they’re still less expensive than the Squiers. Overall, we could say that Epiphone focuses on the middle range of the market, whereas Squier targets the entry level.

The Squier guitar, as the name implies, is a Squier by Fender. The only real difference between a Squier and a Fender is the logo on the headstock; otherwise, they’re nearly identical in terms of appearance. Of course, once you delve deeper, you’ll begin to notice the differences.

15. Reverend

Reverend is another one of the best electric guitar brands that are located in Toledo, Ohio, and specializes in producing a wide range of electric guitars with unusual and occasionally “unorthodox” looks. Many of their guitar models are based on entirely new design ideas as well as incorporate uncommon body materials.

Reverend has also created a number of signature guitars for superstars such as Billy Corgan, and it has earned a reputation for producing guitars with excellent playability, a fun/retro attitude, and at reasonable pricing.

16. Kiesel

Kiesel may appear to be a completely new and unknown guitar maker if you haven’t been paying attention to the guitar world’s news in recent years.

Kiesel Guitars aren’t exclusive to the US; they’ve been manufacturing and distributing instruments there since 1933, under the name Carvin. Yes, Kiesel is Carvin. Lowell Kiesel founded this company in San Diego, California in 1946.

The company was previously named Carvin Music, and it changed its name to Carvin Corporation at some point. However, in 2015, the firm decided to split up its operations into separate units, so the unit that assumed control of guitar and bass guitar manufacturing was renamed Kiesel once again.

17. Ernie Ball Music Man

The Ernie Ball Music Man is one of the top electric guitar brands is recognized by expert guitarists. Given their history, it’s hardly a surprise they provide high-quality equipment.

Tri-Sonix, Inc. was formed in 1971 by Forrest White and Tom Walker, both of whom were former Fender employees. They sought financial assistance from Leo Fender, who had just sold Fender to CBS but still had a ten-year non-compete clause that prevented him from working for another guitar company.

However, Leo Fender was so impressed with their new guitars that he invested in the company and became a partner.

The company changed its name to Ernie Ball Music Man, Inc. in 1984, after which it began producing signature guitars for artists such as Eric Clapton, Steve Morse, Sting, and John Petrucci.

18. D’Angelico

D’Angelico guitars were founded in 1932 by luthier John D’angelico, and it was later rebranded after the trademark was bought by a young and enthusiastic group of investors.

D’Angelico guitars make a wide range of solid-body, hollow-body, and semi-hollow-body electric guitars as well as acoustic guitar models that are all handmade in the USA.

D’Angelico guitars is one of the most popular high-end electric guitar brands. They are known for their excellent quality, design, and construction. All of their guitars are handmade in America using premium tonewoods and materials.

That’s all for the best electric guitar brands in 2023. Meanwhile, you can also check out Top 15 Guitar Leather Straps: The Best of the Best.

Conclusion: Best Electric Guitar Brands

We hope you will now get the list of the best electric guitar brands. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q: Which electric guitar is the most popular?

A: The electric guitar most popular brands are Fender, Gibson, Ibanez and Epiphone.

Q: What is the difference between a Squier and a Fender?

A: The only real difference between a Squier and a Fender is the logo on the headstock; otherwise, they’re nearly identical in terms of appearance. Of course, once you delve deeper, you’ll begin to notice the differences.

Q: Which guitar brand is best for beginners?

A: The best guitar brand for beginners is undoubtedly Fender. They have a wide range of guitars that are perfect for all skill levels, and they’re known for their quality and durability.

Q: What is the difference between an acoustic electric and a regular acoustic guitar?

A: The main difference between an acoustic electric and a regular acoustic guitar is that acoustic electrics have pickups. This means they can be plugged into an amplifier for increased volume or used with a PA system for live performances. Additionally, acoustic electrics typically have a built-in preamp and tuner.

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