Top 15 Best Bass Songs for Your Playlist in 2021

Top 15 Best Bass Songs for Your Playlist in 2021
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One song genre that is sure to hype you and raise your mood is bass. A playlist with good bass songs is an absolute must-have.

If you’re craving that pulsating, building-up tune, bass is the way to go. There’s just something about the catchy tune that keeps you hooked.

Bass is a vast genre. Even within the bass genre, there are songs of people with different tastes. If you’re struggling to pick a song to start with, we’ve got the perfect list of best bass songs of all time. 

15 Best Bass Songs of All Time

  1. I Can’t Stop by Flux Pavilion
  2. Sail by AWOLNATION
  3. DERP by Bassjackers and MAKJ
  4. Candy Paint by Post Malone
  5. Congratulations by Post Malone
  6. Best Day Ever by Mac Miller
  7. Sun Flower by Post Malone
  8. Rockstar by DaBaby
  9. God’s Plan by Drake
  10. Mood by 24kGoldn
  11. Woo-Boost by Rusko
  12. Heartbeat Nneka (Chase and Status Remix)
  13. Tommy’s Theme by Noisia
  14. Sahtijan by Bozo Vreco and Billain
  15. The Vision Let Me Breathe by Joker FT. Jessie Ware

Grab a good pair of headphones because this list will blow your mind. With a range of songs with the best bass, you are sure to get hands-on more than one song that speaks to you.

I Can’t Stop by Flux Pavilion


Dubstep is a popular music genre these days with a wide fan base. Flux Pavilion was a pioneer in the field of dubstep. The lyrics might not be over-the-top, but the element of electronic music that has that building up pulsations typical of dubstep is not just unique but the first of its kind.



Sail from Awolnation is a different song of its genre, and it might be the song if your taste is unique. Its orchestral instrumental music combines different music styles, including electronic, experimental, and heavy metal.

They manage to keep the song heavy and powerful while maintaining a slow pace to keep you hooked. It is surely an original of its kind.

DERP by Bassjackers and MAKJ


DERP by Bassjackers and MAKJ is a popular song to be played at music festivals. The song’s tune is very typical and very familiar, but it manages to be catchy and be among the best song with bass elements keeping the listener hooked.

While this song is popular at festivals, it is also popular for any activity that requires extra energy levels, such as a workout.

Candy Paint by Post Malone


Post Malone makes quality songs for all genres, which helps him secure a place in the top lists, whether billboard or best bass drop songs. His songs have made it movie soundtracks, such as ‘sunflower’ for the Amazing Spiderman or the track for fast and furious.

It is fascinating to note that he started of as sing of heavy metal music, and his songs are now included in the list of best bass rap songs.

Congratulations by Post Malone


Another favorite for Post Malone is his song ‘congratulations’. Post Malone is appreciated for his range in music. Whether it is rap, rock, pop, RnB, or trap, he can do either, even a fusion of all.

He knows what the masses want while maintaining uniqueness in his music. The song ‘congratulations’ includes a range of music genres, with instrumental music taking the lead and bass being maintained.

Best Day Ever by Mac Miller


While Mac Miller is no longer with us, his legacy stays with us through his quality music, which many admire. Mac Miller is the king of experimenting, and his song ‘Best Day ever’ is a clear example of this. This song is a good combination of old-school music with elements of heavy beat and rap. Mac Miller’s music keeps him alive in our hearts and minds as fans listen to the masterpieces he has left us with.

Sun Flower by Post Malone


Post Malone’s song ‘sunflower’ is an original score for ‘Spiderman. ‘It came out two years ago but is still one of the best bass songs. Along with the others mentioned above, this song is a clear indication of the talent and range Post Malone brings to the music industry.

Are you looking for a light song to listen to? This song is one of the best bass hip hop songs, so be sure to add it to ‘up next’!

Rockstar by DaBaby


DaBaby is a new emerging rap artist. It is mind-blowing to see the amount of popularity and success he has attained in the past couple of months.

His songs are ranked among the best bass hip-hop songs. If hip-hop and bass are your things, you will want to give this one a try.

God’s Plan by Drake


Drake is one of the most popular artists of our age. His songs give a new meaning to hip hop and rap. His song ‘God’s Plan’ is one of the best bass hip hop songs of 2018. This song makes it to the list not just because of the quality music it offers but also because of its incredible music video, which has more than 1 billion views.

Mood by 24kGoldn


24 k Goldn is also a new emerging artist, and his song ‘mood’ has a quarter of a billion views on YouTube. Initially, he rose to popularity through the app ’Tik-Tok.’

His popularity is evident because Justin Bieber and J.Balvin have also done covers of his song ‘mood.’

Woo-Boost by Rusko


Rusko, whose good name is ‘Christopher William Mercer,’ is a trailblazer in mainstream dubstep in the UK.

His song Woo Boost may not have the most inspiring lyrics, but the melody is a combination of bass, rap, reggae mixed with traditional Caribbean tunes is considered one of the best bass songs.

Heartbeat Nneka (Chase and Status Remix)


Heartbeat Nneka is a remixed version of Rita Ora’s song ‘R.I.P,’ which came out in 2013. This fusion of electronic and rock music became a hit and one of its kind in its genre.

The traditional Nigerian rhythm element that Nneka adds to the song is very refreshing.



NOISIA turned upside down is vision. Their music is a delicate balance between mainstream and underground unique music.

Sahtijan by Bozo Vreco and Billain


Bozo is an amazingly talented vocal artist. Over the last couple of years, Bozo shifted from instrumental to a more diverse range of music.

 On the other hand, Billian offers a more creative and skillful way of recording music. Together, the two offer unique music complimenting each other’s different music styles.

The Vision Let Me Breathe by Joker FT. Jessie Ware


Joker is respected among his peers, and those that admire his music know that he has something unique to put on the table everything he releases a new single.

Jessie Ware’s music compliments the energy joker has to offer, making a banger single.

Conclusion – Best Bass Songs

Some of these songs came out in the preceding decade but managed to be included among the best bass songs of all time, nevertheless. This list offers an incredible range with the best bass songs that cover other genres, including hip hop, pop, RnB, Soul, etc.

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