How Much Does a Upright Piano Weigh (Easy Guide)

How Much Does a Upright Piano Weigh

Do you want to know how much does a upright piano weigh?

Since pianos have varying sizes and shapes, it is hard to estimate the weight of a potential piano.

Upright pianos are vertical and have weight restricted in a small board, this decreases their overall area but increases the weight. When moving pianos in your house, you need to know how much a piano actually weighs.

That is the whole purpose of writing this article. We will break down the different types of pianos and their overall weight.

What are Upright Pianos?

Upright pianos have the soundboard and plane of the strings perpendicular to the keyboard. This makes the upright piano take up less space.

In comparison with Grand pianos that have horizontal placement of strings with the keyboard, Upright pianos take 1/3rd less space. That being said, grand pianos have a much more powerful sound, they are more efficient to key presses, and they have a more powerful rhythm. This is not the case with an upright piano.

Types of Upright Pianos

Upright pianos are of different types that change their shape, size, and overall weight. Let’s see what these pianos can do.


Spinets are the smallest Upright piano available on the market. It is small, around 3ft in height and 39 inches in length. Spinets are mostly used in homes or by hobbyists and enthusiasts.

Console Piano

Next, we have the Console piano with a height of 40 inches and a length of 44 inches. These are mid-range pianos and are usually available for homes and concert practice sessions. Console pianos are also used for practice. Their key alignment is almost the same as that of a proper Upright piano.

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Studio Height Piano

Next, we have Studio height piano. The piano is available in a height of 45 inches to 49 inches. Studio height pianos are used mostly in studios, practice classes, and even in regular performances. Studio height pianos are also used in musical concerts where the main lead requires a set of musical instruments to go with.

Classic Upright Piano

Classic Upright Piano is the most popular upright piano in the market. It is available in 50 inches height and 60 inches width. Classic upright pianos are used almost everywhere for playing piano tunes. A classic upright piano has now started replacing the grand piano in most regular performances because they are far easier to carry and weigh a lot less.

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Chart for Weighing an Upright Piano


Here is a complete chart about upright pianos and how they differ from other pianos. We have mentioned the true weight of Spinet, Console, Studio, and Classic upright piano. As you can see, Spinet has the lowest weight at 100kgs. Console piano has around 200kgs of weight. Studio piano has around 200 kgs of weight, almost the same as that of console piano. Classic piano is far heavier with a weight close to 400kgs for a single piece.

Vertical PianosApprox. Weight
Spinet Piano (36″-40″ height)200-400lbs (91-181kg)
Console Piano (40″-43″)350-450lbs (159-204kg)
Studio Piano (44″-48″)400-500lbs (181-227kg)
Upright Piano (48″-60″)500-1000lbs (227-454kg)

How Much Does A Upright Piano Weigh In Kgs?

An upright piano can weigh somewhere from 91kgs to 400kgs depending on its size. Baby upright pianos like Spinets and Console can weigh around 150kgs to 200kgs. While the heavier upright pianos like Console or Classic can weigh somewhere between 200kgs and 400kgs.

In comparison with a grand piano which weighs around 600kgs to 700kgs, the weight of a classic upright piano is 400kgs to 450kgs depending on its design and the amenities available.

One reason for this is because in an upright piano, the strings are held vertically that makes the instrument compact. The grand piano, on the other hand, retains the same shape since the strings are held horizontally.

Moving an Upright Piano By Tilting

Although moving an upright piano by tilting it won’t damage it because pianos are built to withstand even 20 tons of string tension. However, it doesn’t mean that tilting or rotating a piano is a recommended practice for moving it from one place to the other.

That being said, keeping the piano vertically will ensure no strings inside the piano are damaged. Most damage to a piano will only occur when a piano is dropped, gets bumped, or is struck with a forign object. If there is a foreign object inside the piano, make sure to remove it properly before playing it.

Frequently Ask Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions about Upright piano that you should know about.

Q: Can I move a piano by myself?

A: Moving a piano is a difficult and tiring task. It is better that you hire professionals that are well-equipped and well-trained to handle delicate pianos. Most pianos can break if they are not handled with care while moving from one place to another. Professionals will ensure that the pianos suffer minimum damage. Since these professionals are also ensured, you will have maximum safety when moving the piano.

Although moving the piano within the house is something that you can do by yourself. But if you have to move the piano down a set of stairs, or using an elevator, then it is better you get experts for help.

Q: What makes an upright piano so heavy?

A: The pieces that make an upright piano so heavy are iron plates used fortunes called harp, lumber used in the overall design of the piano, and other immovable components that structure the upright piano properly.

These components consist of 70 percent of the weight of an upright piano. The rest of the 30 percent consists of piano keys, the metal board used for placing those piano keys, and the front frame.

Final Words

We hope that this article on how much an upright piano weighs was helpful to you. If you have any questions about the weight of an upright piano, you can tell us about it in the comments below.

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