How Many Octaves on a Piano (Expert Guide)

How Many Octaves on a Piano

The piano has 88 keys, but how many octaves are there?

It depends on how you count. Let’s talk about how many octaves on a piano and how they work together. We’ll also share some ideas for how to practice the different octaves so you can become a pro at playing them!

History of the Octave

The octave is a musical interval that spans eight notes. It is defined as the distance between two pitches, one of which is double the frequency of the other.

The octave has been an important part of music for centuries, and its history can be traced back to Ancient Greece.

Back then, musicians used a system called just intonation, which relied on pure intervals to create harmony. Just intonation produced consonant chords that sounded pleasing to the ear, but it was difficult to modulate or change keys without ruining the chord progression.

To solve this problem, European composers developed a new tuning system called equal temperament.

Types of Octaves Piano

types of Octaves on a Piano

The number of octaves a piano can play is determined by its type and size. There are three primary categories of octaves, which go in this order: small 49-key pianos (Small), medium 61-key pianos (Medium), and large 76-key pianos (Large).


The small pianos have 49 piano keys and four octaves, whereas the larger ones have 61 keys with six.

These are simple digital keyboard instruments meant for beginners who want to learn the fundamentals of music as well as play the piano. These pianos are primarily intended for practice rather than live piano performance or performance.


The 61 piano keys of the medium pianos have five octaves and are best suited to beginning piano players.

This is the typical size produced by electronic piano keyboards, and many musicians and voice instructors choose these pianos for their studios. They’re adequate for practice and music lessons.


The Medium-Large pianos have 76 piano keys, six and a half octaves, which are more popular among serious musicians. These may be used to learn how to play the piano or improve existing skills.

The Grand piano is another name for a big piano that has up to 96 keys. These pianos are typically utilized in live concert performances.

How Many Octaves on a Piano?

There are 7 octaves on an 88-key piano. Each octave includes 12 notes if you count the black keys. An octave is 8 keys if you only look at the white keys.

However, there are only 7 distinct notes in total. The eighth note is the octave, which is identical to the first note. Many individuals are not aware that this is how octaves are formed.

There are three more keys at the bottom of the 7 octaves in addition to the seven standard ones. These include B0, Bb0, and A0. So, A0 is the lowest note and C8 is the highest.

While pianos have an average of 88 keys on each key action, synthesizers come in a variety of sizes.

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Conclusion – How Many Octaves on a Piano

So, if you’ve ever wondered, “How many octaves on a piano?” you now know the answer. A piano has seven and a quarter octaves, making it a highly adaptable instrument.

There aren’t many instruments with the same range and expressive capabilities as pianos. Some people like keyboards with fewer keys, while others prefer Bosendorfer or Steinway grand pianos.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q: Do octaves matter?

A: Yes, the octaves are how most people distinguish between notes.

Q: How do I play octaves?

A: You can play octaves by placing your thumb on the bottom of the key, then using all four fingers. When you press down with one hand, make sure to let up with the other. You can then use your fingers on that hand to play another octave.

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