What’re the Musical Instruments that Start with M?

Musical Instruments that Start with M

Instrumental music is a unique form of art. People have been making musical instruments since ancient times, and there are so many different types that it can be difficult to keep track! If you’re wondering what the musical instruments that start with M are, then this blog post will go through some of the most popular ones.

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Musical Instruments that Start with M

1. Maguhu

2. Majestic Bellowphone

3. Mando-bass

4. Mandocello

5. Mandoharp

6. Mandola

7. Mandolin

8. Mandora

9. Mandore

10. Maracas

11. Marímbula

12. Marimba

13. Marimbaphone

14. Marovany

15. Mbira

16. Mechanical music box

17. Mellophone

18. Mellotron

19. Melodica

20. Metallophones

21. Mezzo-soprano saxophone

22. MIDI keyboard

23. Mohan veena

24. Monster Tubulum

25. Morin khuur

26. Morsing

27. Musette

28. Musette de cour

29. Musical bow

30. Musical box

31. Musical saw


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