35+ Killer Musical Instruments that Start with B

Musical Instruments that Start with B

Let’s face it, music is fun. The ability to play an instrument can bring joy to anyone at any age. Whether you want to learn the piano or guitar, there are so many instruments out there that it can be hard knowing where to start!

Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled a list of 35+ musical instruments that start with B just for you! So take a look and see which one sounds like the best fit for your needs. With these options available, almost everyone has something they’ll enjoy playing on their own time!

Musical Instruments that Start with B

1. Babarak

2. Babendil

3. Bagpipes

4. Balafon

5. Balalaika

6. Bandoneón

7. Bandura

8. Banduria

9. Banjo

10. Banjo mandolin

11. Banjo ukulele

12. Barbat

13. Baritone horn

14. Baritone sarrusophone

15. Baritone saxophone

16. Baritone ukulele

17. Baryton

18. Bass clarinet

19. Bass drum

20. Bass guitar

21. Bass oboe / Baritone oboe

22. Bass sarrusophone

23. Bass saxophone

24. Basset clarinet

25. Basset-horn

26. Bassoon

27. Bazooka

28. Bell

29. Bell tree

30. Berimbau

31. Biniou

32. Biwa

33. Bock-a-da-bock

34. Bodhrán

35. Bombarde

36. Bongo drum

37. Boomwhacker

38. Bordonua

39. Boungu

40. Bouzouki

41. Bugle

42. Bullroarer


We hope you now got the list of the musical instruments that start with B. So if you are looking for an instrument to learn, this list would be a great place to start.

With so many different instruments to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs and interests. Have fun!

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