10 Best Fun Songs to Play on Guitar in 2022 (Remarkable)

10 Best Fun Songs to Play on Guitar in 2021
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 Playing guitar songs is always fun. Some of them are so enthusiastic that they lift your spirits and entertain the whole crowd within a few seconds.

One can always enjoy these songs to cheer their family and friends up by creating a festive environment.

However, you can create your fun song as well, but that would be not easy and not necessary an inspirational option.

Therefore, we have listed a few of the most fun songs to play on a guitar that is easy but comfortable and exciting.

10 Best Fun Songs to Play on Guitar in 2022 – Best Songs of All Time

Let’s move through a few fun songs to play on guitar that would surely help you have a thrilling jam with your friends and family.

Song 1: Jason Mraz – I’m Yours

This song is one of the most fun songs to play on guitar, with an exciting and thrilling vibe. Also, its tune is pretty exciting and very engaging that would please your friends and family members.

If the crowd enjoys it, only you can get your performance a new dimension. Therefore, do try this song for your jamming sessions to make them electrifying.

Besides, for this song, you just need to know the basic strumming pattern on the guitar. You can also employ a fingerstyle to warm up and loosen your finger joints.

Song 2: Ben E. King – Stand By Me

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Another top on the list of fun songs to play on guitar is Stand by me. It is one of the most accessible songs that you can enjoy anywhere and anytime. Besides, this song was dedicated to the victims of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. Thus, it’s pretty heart-touching.

Moreover, it engages the crowd as it’s pretty soulful and full of warmth. Also, this song only requires strumming techniques to make it fun. However, you can use the fingerstyle technique along with as well to give it an exciting touch.

Song 3: Kansas – Dust in the Wind

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Dust in the wind is among the most fun easy songs to play on guitar due to its classical soft rock music, catchy tune, and unique guitar riff.

This music piece also requires a simple finger technique that might seem complicated, but it’s pretty simple in reality. You just need to fasten the strike on the chords deliberately.

It’s okay if you’re a bit slow on the first try. After practicing, you’ll get a master’s in it.

Song 4: Bon Jovi – I’ll Be There For You

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This is among the top fun songs to play on guitar with the exciting tune and great chords. You just need to practice the initial chords for this masterpiece to give an excellent time to the crowd.

Besides, I’ll be there for you is one of the most popular songs worldwide, and it has a huge fan-following. If you ever choose this song for a jamming session, I bet everyone would love it. So, start working on the trickiest sliding technique to enjoy this masterpiece in no time.

Song 5: Creep by Radiohead

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Among other top hit fun songs to play on guitar is Creep by Radiohead. This song is fantastic for beginner guitarists as its rhythm is pretty easy to play. 

You just need to learn the strumming techniques of this song to master it. Moreover, the learning process is fascinating as well. You would enjoy every bit of it. 

If you’re already an advanced beginner, then it would be a big deal for you at all. You should then start developing your fingerstyle, which is similar to strumming. You just need to pick the correct string to produce the right tune.

Song 6: Queen – Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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As the name suggests, this song is one of the most fun songs to play on guitar. To play the phenomenal tune just like Brian May, you need a lot of practice. He’s the most challenging guitarist with extreme strumming skills.

Besides, if you’re a beginner, you don’t need to worry as it’s the perfect song to play for you as well. You can play with your style as it doesn’t require a big deal from your fingers. The chords are pretty straightforward, with the grooves predictable as well. 

Song 7: Queen – We Are The Champions

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Another masterpiece of Queen is we are the champions which are among fun songs to play on the guitar as well. This song has the most popular due to its cheerful tune and motivating lyrics.

This song would never get you bored. As you play this song, the crowd would definitely stand up and swing their hands in the air. Moreover, it’s a great option if you’re celebrating a win as it emphasizes the strenuous efforts done. 

Besides, it would help if you practice some strumming and fingerpicks to get the crowd on their feet and enjoy. This song is perfect for beginners as well.

Song 8: The Jayhawks – Blue

 Blue by the Jayhawks is another fantastic piece to play on guitar. It’s more related to alternative rock than folk, which makes it more engaging and exciting.

With these fun songs to play on the guitar, you would get a thrilling experience; therefore, it’s an excellent option for jamming sessions. Moreover, its rhythm is pretty exciting as well due to the craziest strumming patterns and chords.

Song 9: The Animals – House of the Rising Sun

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 This masterpiece is very engaging as it encourages the crowd to indulge in the most beautiful melody and the unique tune.

Besides, it’s perfect for beginners due to the simple finger styling that produces pretty exciting tunes.

Song 10: Five for Fighting – Superman

Although it’s a very piano-heavy song, you can play it on guitar to create a very relaxing and exciting tune. You can just need to learn the basic strumming and few chords to be efficient for this song.

Moreover, it’s an excellent song for you to practice your fingerstyle along with cheering your friends and family members by its engaging tune.

Conclusion – Fun Songs to Play on Guitar

There are various fun songs to play on the guitar which can make your jamming sessions very special. Therefore, we have tried listing the 10 best fun songs on guitar in 2022 to help you choose the most suitable one for you.

Try playing the songs mentioned above to enjoy the best you can!

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