11 Best Glue for Plastic Guitar Binding (Buying Guide)

11 Best Glue for Plastic Guitar Binding

In the intricate world of guitar craftsmanship, every detail matters. From the choice of wood to the finishing touches, each element contributes to the instrument’s soulful resonance. 

One often-overlooked aspect is the binding – that subtle strip of material bordering the edges of the guitar. As the demand for plastic bindings has risen, so has the need for reliable and effective glues to ensure a seamless and durable connection. The quest for the perfect adhesive has become a pursuit among luthiers and guitar enthusiasts alike.

Whether you’re a seasoned craftsman or a guitar aficionado eager to dive into the world of bindings, join us as we navigate through the myriad options to find the glue that strikes the perfect chord.

List of the 11 Best Glue for Plastic Guitar Binding

1J-B Weld 50139 Plastic BonderCHECK PRICE
2Glue Masters Professional Grade Cyanoacrylate (CA) Super GlueCHECK PRICE
3Starbond 2 oz. Super Fast Thin CA GlueCHECK PRICE
4Starbond 2 oz. Medium CA GlueCHECK PRICE
5SCIGRIP 10315 16 Acrylic Plastic CementCHECK PRICE
6Titebond Liquid Hide Glue, 8-Ounces #5013CHECK PRICE
7MITREAPEL CA Glue with Activator (2-Pack)CHECK PRICE
8Loctite Super Glue Plastic Bonding SystemCHECK PRICE
9Lineco Neutral pH AdhesiveCHECK PRICE
10Lineco Books by Hand pH Neutral AdhesiveCHECK PRICE
11Books by Hand PH Neutral PVA AdhesiveCHECK PRICE

1. J-B Weld 50139 Plastic Bonder

 J-B Weld 50139 Plastic Bonder Review

Key Features:

Size Options:

  • 25 ml: $7.71
  • 25 ml – 2 Pack: $15.42
    Brand: J-B Weld
    Material: Resin
    Compatible Material: Cement
    Item Form: Liquid
    Special Feature: Strong


  • In the world of guitar crafting, precision matters, and J-B Weld 50139 Plastic Bonder steps up to the plate as a top contender. With an impressive rating of 4.6 from over 13,000 users, it has rightfully claimed the title of #1 Best Seller in Metal Filled Epoxies.

Specs and Versatility:

  • This adhesive powerhouse boasts a 1:1 mixing ratio, setting in a mere 15 minutes and allowing for sanding after just 30 minutes. With a formidable tensile strength of 3770 Psi, the Plastic Bonder cures to a hard, permanent bond. Its versatility shines through as it works seamlessly on thermoset, carbon fiber composites, thermoplastics, coated metals, concrete, and more.

Best for Indoor and Outdoor Use:

  • Whether your project resides indoors or faces the elements outdoors, J-B Weld 50139 excels. Ideal for use with epoxy and adhesives, it’s a reliable choice for plastic, composite, PVC, and more. As a gap filler, its black color ensures a discreet and professional finish.
  • Similar Item and Fast Delivery:
  • For those with larger projects or multiple bindings to tackle, the 2 Pack option at $15.42 offers convenience. Amazon provides swift delivery options, including free delivery on orders over $35.

2. Glue Masters Professional Grade Cyanoacrylate (CA) Super Glue

Glue Masters Professional Grade Cyanoacrylate (CA) Super Glue Review

Key Features:

  • Brand: Glue Masters
  • Material: Cyanoacrylate
  • Compatible Materials: Fiberglass, Glass, Ceramic, Wood, Plastic, Metal, Rubber, Porcelain
  • Item Form: Liquid
  • Viscosity Options: Thin, Medium, Thick
  • Cure Time: ~15 seconds, ~45 seconds, ~60 seconds
  • Guarantee: 60 DAY GUARANTEE on all products
  • Customer Rating: 4.5 stars (8,395 ratings)


Versatility and Applications:

  • Dubbed “One Glue To Rule Them All,” this product lives up to its name. Settling in just under 60 seconds, it’s a true quick fix, making it incredibly easy to apply. Crafters, model builders, and DIY enthusiasts rejoice, as it becomes the ideal solution for models, puzzles, and various crafting projects. Its clear hold and reliable flow make it a hobbyist’s best friend, proving its worth from building scale models to fixing everyday items like shoe soles and glasses.

Pricing Options:

  • With a range of size and viscosity options, Glue Masters ensures flexibility to suit specific project needs. The pricing, from $8.49 for the 20GR GEL to $54.99 for the 16OZ options, reflects a commitment to providing quality at accessible prices.
  • Quality Assurance and Guarantee:
  • Backed by a 60 DAY GUARANTEE, Glue Masters confidently offers a product that boasts not only the strongest bond on the market but also the assurance of performance. The brand’s dedication to quality is evident in every application.

3. Starbond 2 oz. Super Fast Thin CA Glue

Starbond 2 oz. Super Fast Thin CA Glue Review

Key Features:

  • Product Name: Starbond 2 oz. Super Fast Thin CA Glue
  • Brand: STARBOND
  • Size Options:
    • 2 oz: $13.99
    • 4 Ounce: $22.49
    • 4.5 ounce, 6 ounce: $38.49
    • 16 ounce: $56.99
  • Compatible Materials: Wood, Fiberglass, Glass, Ceramic, Leather, Plastic, Metal, Rubber, Acrylic
  • Item Form: Compound
  • Color: Clear
  • Shelf Life Warranty: 30-month Shelf Life Warranty for glues stored under 40°F

Product Features:

  • Premium super glue since 1988
  • Versatile, ideal for various applications
  • Penetrating abilities of up to 0.002″, 2-3 cps viscosity, dries in less than 5 seconds without accelerator
  • Industry-expert tutorial videos available
  • 30-month Shelf Life Warranty for glues stored under 40°F

Additional Details:

  • Small Business: This product is from a small business brand. Support small. Learn more.
  • Non-returnable due to hazmat safety reasons
  • Seller Certifications: Minority-Owned Business

4. Starbond 2 oz. Medium CA Glue

Starbond 2 oz. Medium CA Glue Review

Product Information

 Technical Details:

  • Brand: Starbond
  • Material: Cyanoacrylate
  • Compatible Material: Wood, Fiberglass, Glass, Leather, Ceramic, Plastic, Metal, Rubber, Acrylic
  • Item Form: Liquid
  • Special Feature: Waterproof
  • Color: Clear
  • Item Package Quantity: 1
  • Package Information: Bottle
  • Item Volume: 60 Milliliters
  • Water Resistance Level: Waterproof
  • Manufacturer: Starbond
  • Part Number: EM-150
  • Item Weight: 2 ounces
  • Package Dimensions: 3.9 x 2.24 x 1.46 inches
  • Item model number: CECOMINOD040312
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Size: 2 ounce

Best Sellers Rank:

  • #223 in Industrial & Scientific
  • #8 in Cyanoacrylate Adhesives
  • Date First Available: March 27, 2013

Warranty & Support:


  • Starbond 2 oz. Medium CA Glue , a premium adhesive that has garnered an impressive 4.7 rating from 7,354 users. Priced at $13.99, this glue offers various size options to cater to different project needs.


  • Crafted from Cyanoacrylate, this liquid glue is a versatile solution compatible with materials like Wood, Fiberglass, Glass, Leather, Ceramic, Plastic, Metal, Rubber, and Acrylic. With a viscosity of 150 cps, it boasts a waterproof formulation and a quick-drying time of 15-20 seconds, presenting a consistency comparable to motor oil.


  • This premium super glue has a rich history since 1988 and is tailored for woodworking, quick glue-ups, and crack repairs in woodturning. It extends its bonding prowess to various materials, including 3D-printed PLA, ABS, PETG, and polycarbonate models. With penetrating abilities of up to 0.006″, it ensures precision in every application. The 30-month Shelf Life Warranty for glues stored under 40°F underscores the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

5. SCIGRIP 10315 16 Acrylic Plastic Cement

SCIGRIP 10315 16 Acrylic Plastic Cement

Key Features

SCIGRIP 10315 16 Acrylic Plastic Cement is a top-rated adhesive with a 4.5-star rating from 2,220 users. Here are its key features:

  • Material Composition: Crafted from Methyl Acetate, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Methyl Methacrylate Monomer, and Dichloromethane.
  • Compatibility: Ideal for bonding Thermoplastics, Cab (Cellulose Acetate Butyrate), Plastic, Petg (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol), Polystyrene, Polycarbonate.
  • Working Time: 5-6 minutes for precise application.
  • VOC Content: Low, ensuring a safer working environment.
  • Bonds: Rigid PVC, ABS, styrene, butyrate, polycarbonate, and more
  • Available Sizes: Various options to suit your project requirements.

Product Description

  • SCIGRIP 16 is a medium-bodied, fast-setting, high-strength acrylic cement. It excels in bonding various materials, including rigid PVC, ABS, styrene, butyrate, polycarbonate, and other plastics. Widely used in diverse applications globally, it stands as a reliable structural adhesive.


  • Working Time: 5-6 minutes
  • Color: Clear
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Manufacturer: IPS Corporation
  • Best Sellers Rank: #7,676 in Industrial & Scientific | #31 in Contact Cements

6. Titebond Liquid Hide Glue

Titebond Liquid Hide Glue, 8-Ounces #5013

Key Features

Discover the craftsmanship of Titebond Liquid Hide Glue, a game-changer for woodworkers and craft enthusiasts alike:

  • Versatile Application: Perfect for wood, craft, and furniture projects.
  • Ready-to-Use Formula: No heating or mixing required.
  • Professional-Grade Strength: Trusted by woodworkers for its exceptional holding power.
  • Extended Assembly Time: Enjoy the luxury of a slow set, allowing for precise and unhurried assembly.
  • Crafting Magic: Ideal for achieving a unique “crackling” effect on furniture, cabinets, and more.
  • Moisture Sensitivity: Facilitates easy disassembly, a crucial advantage in antique furniture restoration and instrument repair.
  • Made in the USA: Trust in the quality of a product manufactured in the United States.


  • Brand: Titebond
  • Material: Wood
  • Item Form: Liquid
  • Compatibility: Suitable for wood, craft, and furniture.

Product Description

  • Titebond Liquid Hide Glue, 8-Ounces #5013, introduces the traditional hide glue in a modern, liquid form. Crafted by Franklin International, this glue is a professional favorite due to its robust strength, extended open assembly time, exceptional sandability, and resistance to creeping. Craft hobbyists find it invaluable for creating a captivating “crackling” effect on various items. Its sensitivity to moisture ensures easy disassembly, making it indispensable for antique furniture restoration and musical instrument repair.

7. MITREAPEL CA Glue with Activator (2-Pack)

 MITREAPEL CA Glue with Activator (2-Pack)

Key Features

Experience the unmatched performance of MITREAPEL CA Glue with Activator, a dynamic duo designed for precision and speed in your projects:

  • Easy Bonding Process: Simplify your projects with a straightforward application. Apply 2-3 drops per square inch on one surface, spray the activator on the other, wait 10 seconds, and achieve a solid bond in just 5-12 seconds.
  • Professional-Grade Adhesive: Elevate your craftsmanship with a two-part CA Glue and activator combo, delivering clean and professional results in both industrial and personal projects.
  • Quick Cure Time: Embrace efficiency with an instant bond adhesive that cures in 5-12 seconds when paired with the CA Glue Activator. Even without the activator, expect a quick cure time of up to 2 minutes.
  • Clean Application: The aerosol super glue accelerator ensures a controlled fine mist, preventing messy applications. The viscous liquid of the glue contributes to a precise and tidy bonding process.
  • Material Compatibility: Versatile and suitable for various materials including wood, glass, stone, metal, and more. Avoid use on nonstick surfaces and polyethylene products for optimal results.

Frequently Bought Together

  • Enhance your toolkit with complementary items like the FastCap Glu-Bot Woodworkers Glue Bottle (16 Ounces) and XFasten Double Sided Woodworking Tape, 1-Inch by 36-Yards, 3-Pack. The total price for all three is $52.87.

Product Description

Get to know the product on a deeper level:

  • Package Dimensions: 6.93 x 4.37 x 3.35 inches; 3.4 Ounces
  • Date First Available: September 21, 2019
  • Manufacturer: Mitreapel
  • ASIN: B07Y6GV4TW
  • Best Sellers Rank: #503 in Industrial & Scientific, #19 in Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

Important Information

Explore the vast usage areas, drying times, and ideal scenarios for MITREAPEL CA Glue:

  • Usage Areas: Glazing, glass, stone, brick, wood, mirror, rock wool, laminated surface, MDF, acrylic, PVC, chipboard, kraft paper, parquet, skirting, tile, ceramic, marble, metal, fabric, rubber.
  • Drying Time (with Activator): 5-12 seconds
  • Dry Color: Transparent
  • Best For: Semi-hard materials, vibrating parts, plastics, sound systems
  • Usage per Inch Sq.: 2-3 drops

8. Loctite Super Glue Plastic Bonding System

Loctite Super Glue Plastic Bonding System


  • Brand: Loctite
  • Amazon’s Choice: Yes, in Cyanoacrylate Adhesives by Loctite
  • Prime Eligible: Yes
  • Free Shipping: Yes, on orders over $35

Key Features

  • Plastic is Hard to Glue: The Loctite Super Glue Plastic Bonding System, 2-part system with activator primes the surface prior to gluing plastic together, suitable for all plastics, including hard-to-bond polyethylene and polypropylene.
  • Multipurpose Use: Bonds plastics such as Plexiglas, polycarbonate, polystyrene, PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)/Teflon, plus rubber, leather, cork, paper, cardboard, wood, chipboard, fabric, metal, and ceramic.
  • Simple 2 Part System: Priming activator with slanted felt tip prepares plastic surfaces for permanent bonding. One minute after applying activator, use super glue sparingly on one surface, press together, and hold for 30 seconds; it develops tremendous strength with just one drop.
  • Epoxy – Plastic Bonder: Permanently fuses plastics together, machinable & all-weather.


  • Specific Uses For Product: Repair
  • Material: Multi
  • Compatible Material: Leather, Cork, Paper, Cardboard, Wood, Chipboard, Fabric, Metal, Ceramic, Rubber, Hard Plastics
  • Item Form: Liquid
  • Item Volume: 0.14 fl oz Activator, 0.07 fl oz Glue
  • About: Repairs any plastic guaranteed. Quick, neat, and easy. No mixing required. 2 grams. Carded.
  • Recommended Uses: Repairing figurines, costume jewelry, cameras, toys, metal car parts, wiper blades, rubber seals, and O-rings. Bonds leather, cork, paper, cardboard, wood, chipboard, fabric, metal, ceramic, rubber, and hard plastics.

9. Lineco Neutral pH Adhesive

 Lineco Neutral pH Adhesive

Key Features

  • Acid-Free Crafting: Experience the brilliance of Lineco’s Neutral pH Adhesive, a crafting essential. This acid-free formula ensures your projects stand the test of time, making it ideal for bookbinding, repairs, framing, collage, and various paper art & crafts.
  • User-Friendly Formula: Craft with ease using this fast-setting adhesive. Its easy-to-use formula allows for quick application, and the best part? You can remoisten it with water, providing flexibility in your creative process.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Tailored for paper projects, Lineco Neutral pH Adhesive adheres seamlessly to most porous surfaces, drying clear for a professional finish. Perfect for bookbinding, book repairs, and any paper-based artistic endeavor.
  • Temperature Consideration: For optimal results, avoid freezing and direct sunlight during application. This adhesive performs at its best in temperatures ranging from 60-80℉.


  • Material: Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA)
  • Compatible Material: Paper
  • Item Form: Liquid
  • Size Options:
  • 1 Pack: $8.95 ($1.12 / Ounce)
  • 2 Pack: $16.48 ($1.03 / Ounce)

Seller Information

  • Sold by: Mat Board Center
  • Returns: Returnable until Jan 31, 2024
  • Other Sellers on Amazon:
  • Golden State Art – $8.95 ($1.12 / Ounce)
  • Azure Zone – $8.95 ($1.12 / Ounce)
  • Amazon.com – $9.99 ($1.25 / Ounce)

Frequently Bought Together

Enhance your crafting experience with these recommended products:

  • 20 Pcs Book Board, Binders Board Chipboard Designer Bookboard Kraft Heavy Duty Chipboard Sheets Bookbinding Supplies for Book Binding Cover (Gray, 12.5 x 10 Inch 50PT) – $20.99
  • Lineco Bookbinding Super Cloth, Book Making Book Repair Cloth Material for Repairing Old Books, 18×30 Inch. Neutral Color. – $9.45

10. Lineco Books by Hand pH Neutral Adhesive

Lineco Books by Hand pH Neutral Adhesive

Key Features

  • Professional Quality: Lineco brings you a top-notch Lineco Books by Hand pH Neutral Adhesiv designed for professional use. Crafted with archival-quality materials in the USA, this adhesive guarantees durability and longevity for your artistic endeavors.
  • Acid-Free Brilliance: Immerse yourself in the world of acid-free adhesion. The Lineco pH Neutral Adhesive ensures your creations stand the test of time, making it ideal for bookbinding, paper projects, and mounting artwork.
  • Quick and Clear Drying: Experience the convenience of quick and clear drying. This adhesive dries promptly without compromising clarity, ensuring a seamless finish for your projects.
  • Versatility Unleashed: Unleash your creativity with an adhesive that knows no bounds. Suitable for a range of applications including bookbinding, collage, and paper arts, Lineco’s Neutral pH Adhesive is your versatile crafting companion.

Seller Information

  • Trusted Source: Sold by Golden State Art, a reliable seller ensuring your satisfaction.
  • Hassle-Free Returns: Rest easy with a return window open until January 31, 2024.

Frequently Bought Together

Complete Your Toolkit: Enhance your crafting experience by bundling with complementary products:

  • Lineco Bookbinding Super Cloth, 18×30 Inch. Neutral Color. – $9.45
  • 20 Pcs Book Board 10 x 12.5 Inch, 80 PT – $24.99
  • Total Price for Bundle: $47.43

Dimensions and Details:

  • Dimensions: 2.4 x 7.7 x 2.5 inches; 3.2 Ounces
  • Best Sellers Rank: #8,890 in Arts, Crafts & Sewing

Product Description

  • Crafting Brilliance: Lineco’s acid-free adhesive boasts excellent lay-flat properties, making it perfect for bookbinding, collage, paper arts, and gluing canvas. Elevate your crafting experience with this neutral pH adhesive, proudly made in the USA.

11. Books by Hand PH Neutral PVA Adhesive

 Books by Hand PH Neutral PVA Adhesive

Key Features

  • Easy Bookbinding and Paper Projects: Unlock the world of effortless bookbinding and captivating paper projects with Books by Hand’s PH Neutral PVA Adhesive. Perfect for crafters and DIY enthusiasts, this adhesive simplifies your creative journey.
  • Water-Soluble Wonder: In a convenient 4-ounce bottle, this water-soluble glue is a versatile addition to your crafting arsenal. Whether you’re working on cards, photos, or intricate DIY projects, this adhesive ensures a strong and reliable bond.
  • Crystal-Clear Results: Experience the magic of clear drying with this acid-free adhesive. Your projects deserve a seamless finish, and this glue delivers just that. Say goodbye to visible residue and hello to pristine craftsmanship.
  • Ideal for Various Projects: Tailored for bookbinding and paper arts, this adhesive proves its mettle in a variety of creative endeavors. From binding books to crafting cards, its versatility knows no bounds.
  • Storage Convenience: Designed for your ease, this adhesive prefers room temperature storage, ensuring it’s ready for action whenever your creative spirit strikes.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions and Details: This 4-fluid ounce bottle is compact, measuring 1.5 x 1.5 x 4 inches, providing you with ample crafting power in a small package.
  • Trusted Manufacturer: Brought to you by University Products Inc, a name synonymous with crafting excellence.

Crafting Essentials Buying Guide: Choose Your Perfect Companion

Crafting is a delightful journey, and selecting the right materials can make it even more enjoyable. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a beginner, here’s a buying guide to help you make informed decisions on the 11 unique crafting products:

1. Elmer’s CraftBond Glue Sticks (24-Pack)

Best For: General Crafting, School Projects

Key Features:

  • Large Pack for Long-Term Use
  • Dual-Temperature Versatility

Why Choose:

  • Ideal for various crafting needs, Elmer’s CraftBond Glue Sticks offer a cost-effective solution with dual-temperature functionality.

2. Scotch Precision Ultra Edge Scissors

Best For: Paper Crafting, Precision Cutting

Key Features:

  • Titanium Fused Blades
  • Ergonomic Comfort Grip

Why Choose:

  • Designed for precision, these scissors ensure clean cuts, making them perfect for intricate paper projects.

3. E6000 Jewelry and Bead Adhesive

Best For: Jewelry Making, Beadwork

Key Features:

  • Industrial Strength
  • Clear, Flexible Bond

Why Choose:

  • E6000 is a go-to choice for jewelry enthusiasts, providing a durable and flexible bond for a variety of materials.

4. Avery Printable T-Shirt Transfers

Best For: Custom Apparel, Personalized Gifts

Key Features:

  • Easy Printable Design
  • Long-Lasting Results

Why Choose:

  • Create custom apparel effortlessly with Avery’s Printable T-Shirt Transfers, ensuring your designs stay vibrant.

5. Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint

Best For: DIY Crafts, Vinyl Cutting

Key Features:

  • Smart Set Dial for Material Selection
  • Bluetooth Connectivity

Why Choose:

  • The Cricut Explore Air 2 is a versatile cutting machine, perfect for various DIY projects with precise and customizable cuts.

6. Titebond Liquid Hide Glue, 8-Ounces #5013

Best For: Woodworking, Furniture Repair

Key Features:

  • Exceptional Strength
  • “Crackling” Effect for Craft Projects

Why Choose:

  • Professional woodworkers appreciate the strength and versatility of Titebond Liquid Hide Glue, ideal for woodworking and craft projects.

7. MITREAPEL CA Glue with Activator (2-Pack)

Best For: Craft, Model Making

Key Features:

  • Quick Cure Time
  • Compatible with Multiple Materials

Why Choose:

  • Mitreaapel CA Glue offers rapid bonding with a versatile application on various materials for precise and clean results.

8. Loctite Super Glue Plastic Bonding System

Best For: Plastic Repairs, General Bonding

Key Features:

  • Two-Part System for Hard-to-Glue Plastics
  • Epoxy – Plastic Bonder

Why Choose:

  • Designed specifically for plastics, Loctite’s Super Glue Bonding System ensures a durable and lasting bond.

9. LINECO Neutral pH Adhesive

Best For: Bookbinding, Paper Arts

Key Features:

  • Acid-Free Adhesive
  • Easy Remoistening with Water

Why Choose:

  • Lineco Neutral pH Adhesive is perfect for archival-quality projects, offering ease of use and clear results.

10. Books by Hand PH Neutral PVA Adhesive (4oz)

Best For: Bookbinding, DIY Projects

Key Features:

  • Water-Soluble Glue
  • Clear Drying, Acid-Free

Why Choose:

  • This adhesive is a versatile companion for bookbinding and DIY projects, offering clear and reliable results.

11. Lineco Books by Hand pH Neutral Adhesive with Spout (4 Ounce Bottle)

Best For: Bookbinding, Paper Projects

Key Features:

  • Easy to Use with Spout
  • Ideal for Various DIY Projects

Why Choose:

  • With a convenient spout for precise application, this adhesive is perfect for a range of crafting projects.

Conclusion: 11 Best Glue for Plastic Guitar Binding

In conclusion, embarking on a crafting journey is an exciting venture, and choosing the right tools can significantly enhance the creative experience. From the dependable Elmer’s CraftBond Glue Sticks to the precision of Scotch Ultra Edge Scissors, each product serves a unique purpose in the crafting realm. 

Whether you’re into intricate paper projects, jewelry making, or personalized apparel, there’s a perfect companion waiting. The world of crafting is vast, and armed with the right materials, like the versatile Cricut Explore Air 2 or the archival-quality LINECO Neutral pH Adhesive, your projects can reach new heights. Happy crafting!

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