15 Amazing Gibson Les Paul Guitar | Best Choice in 2022

5 Best Gibson Les Paul Guitar (Affordable)

Gibson Les Paul Guitar is a famous brand of electric guitar. It has been more than 100 years since it was first introduced, and the Les Paul Gibson Guitar is still popular among musicians from around the world.

In this article, we’ll give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about choosing your new best budget Les Paul Guitar in 2022.

Top 5 Most Affordable Gibson Les Paul Guitars (Amazon)

1. ESP LTD EC-256

The ESP LTD EC-256 is a Gibson Les Paul special not just because it’s affordable but also because it comes with a very stylish yet subtle look. It comes with a mahogany body and roasted jatoba fingerboard with a flamed maple top.

This guitar is specifically suitable for versatile guitarists who’d love to switch between humbucker tones and single coil.

One of the most appealing things about this guitar is the beautiful cobalt blue color with which it comes. Moreover, if as a guitarist you love to keep the thumb on the back or the side of the neck, this guitar is best suitable for you as it comes with the perfectly thin U neck that allows you to do so.

In addition to all of this, the stock ESP pickups are just excellent. They are noiseless, well-balanced, and not too dark. In fact, they are quite bright and snappy so you definitely would enjoy playing them.

In a nutshell, the ESP LTD EX 256 is the most versatile and the most affordable Les Paul guitar to date.


  • Rich tone due to the thin U neck and mahogany body
  • Comfortable to handle
  • Impressive stock pickups


  • A little heavy

2. Epiphone Les Paul Custom Classic

Since 1954, this Les Paul custom guitar has been the talk of the town, especially among the rock royalty. From James Hetfield to Randy Rhoades and Les Paul himself, they’ve all given some iconic performances with the Epiphone.

An ebony fingerboard with a slim-taper neck and huge block inlays, this guitar will offer you the best value for your money. Not only is it affordable but it also plays as well as it looks.

Moreover, it comes with producer open-coil humbuckers along with a push and pull coil-splitting to give you the sound of your dreams. With this guitar, you’ll get the vintage mojo you need but at a very affordable price.

The Alpine White color compliments the guitar even more. In simpler words, from looks to performance, this guitar will deliver you the best quality you’ve been looking for.


  • Custom look
  • Think neck
  • Ebony fireboard


  • Distortion and vibration on D-string

3. Gibson Les Paul Special Tribute Humbucker

This Gibson Les Paul tribute guitar is a great choice for someone looking for a basic, subtle guitar with nothing fancy on it. It comes with a modern yet vintage look that’s exactly what rock n roll players want in their electric guitars.

Furthermore, this piece features 490T and 490R open-coil humbuckers that make the sound all punchy and warm.

The single-cut, solid construction is the two main reasons why you should invest your money in this guitar. It’s a simple guitar with a maple neck that offers utmost comfort along with great playability.

Also, the rounded edges make it even stronger to give you the best value for your money. As far as the material is concerned, just like all the other premium-quality Les Pauls, this one also comes with a mahogany body and a rosewood fretboard.


  • Simple design
  • Comfortable in both wearing and playing
  • 490T/R pickups


  • The wraparound bridge isn’t suitable for everyone

4. Gibson Les Paul Junior

Gibson released the Junior in 1954 but even today, this guitar is one of the most popular ones among rock and punk guitar players. It’s simple, beautiful and it gives the best performance possible, within a budget.

So, if you are short on money but want to experience great rock n roll music then this Gibson Les Paul Junior guitar is a must-buy for you.

With a P-90 pickup and a single-cut mahogany body, this guitar delivers the best performance. Moreover, it comes with acrylic dot inlays and rosewood fireboard along with a lightning bar compensated wraparound tailpiece which makes it very easy to carry and play.

Yes, it does lack features but the punch, the volume, and the range of sounds that it delivers will definitely be worth every single penny of yours.


  • P-90 tone
  • Classic look
  • Simple and elegant


  • The neck is a little fat

5. Gibson Les Paul Standard ’50s P-90 Gold Top

Straight from the Gibson Les Paul studio, this gold top guitar is one of the most stunning pieces you’ll ever find in the market. The best part is that you get the vintage feel without worrying about any expensive price tags.

This guitar comes with a solid mahogany construction and a maple top along with a dual set of P-90 pickups. With this guitar, you’ll experience some great, warm and sweet sound, thanks to the orange drop capacitors and the Alnico V magnets.

Overall, you won’t be able to find such an affordable guitar with such great features and functionalities. With the traditional rosewood fingerboard, you definitely won’t be able to get your hands off this guitar. It’s one of a kind and it’s totally going to be worth your money.


  • Beautiful gold top
  • Delivers sweet and warm sound
  • Dual P-90 pickups


  • The neck is a little too big

5 Best Gibson Les Paul Guitar on Thomann

1. Gibson Les Paul Custom EB GH

Gibson Les Paul Custom EB GH is a beautiful electric guitar that features a body made of mahogany with an arched maple top, and a mahogany neck.

Also, the fretboard is ebony with mother-of-pearl block inlays, and the neck profile is custom ‘C’. It also has a long neck tenon, 22 frets, a scale of628 mm, and a headstock inlay of Spit diamond.

On top of that, it has a Tune-O-Matic bridge with a stop tailpiece, Gibson 490R (neck) and498T (bridge) humbuckers, gold plated hardware, color black, includes case.


  • It comes with a hardshell case.
  • It has a mahogany body and an arched maple top.
  • The fretboard is ebony with mother-of-pearl block inlays.
  • It has a custom ‘C’ neck profile.
  • The long neck tenon allows for easier adjustments and better sustain.

2. Gibson Les Paul Tribute SIT

Gibson Les Paul Tribute SIT is a guitar that is perfect for those who are looking for an electric guitar with a weight-reduced body.

This Les Paul has “Ultra Modern Weight Relief” which means that the body has been designed to be lightweight, making it easy for you to carry around with you.

Besides, it is made from maple and the neck is made from mahogany, making it a sturdy guitar that will last you for years.


  • It has an aluminum Tune-O-Matic bridge and stops bar, making it easier to stay in tune.
  • It also has 22 cryogenically treated medium frets with Tektoid nuts that are 43 mm wide.
  • The pickups are 490 R and 490 T humbuckers and it comes in a color called Iced Tea Satin.
  • It is made in the USA and comes with a soft shell case.

3. Gibson Les Paul Standard Guitar 50s HCS LH

Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s HCS LH is another version of the popular Standard guitar.

It looks like a combination of 1950s and 1960s guitars, with its gold pickguard and double-ply white pickguard. Also, it has a mahogany body, maple top, and mahogany neck with a rosewood fingerboard.


  • It allows you to tap into the powerful PAF-style tones of Gibson’s Burstbucker pickups.
  • The bridge pickup is a ’57 Classic, while the neck pickup is a slightly hotter ’57 Classic Plus.
  • It has 22 medium jumbo frets, cream binding on the body and fingerboard, and an aluminum Tune-o-Matic bridge.
  • It also has a Stopbar tailpiece for stability and sustains.

4. Gibson Les Paul Standard 60s BB LH

Gibson Les Paul Standard 60s BB LH is a beautifully handcrafted electric guitar that oozes style and quality.

It offers a mahogany body with an AA flamed maple top, a slim-taper mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard, and 22 medium frets.

Moreover, it comes loaded with Burstbucker 61T bridge pickup, Burstbucker 61R neck pickup, and Orange Drops capacitors.


  • It offers a mahogany body with an AAA flamed maple top, a slim-taper mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard.
  • It has 22 medium frets.
  • The fretboard is made of rosewood and has Trapeze inlays.
  • It comes with a Burstbucker 61T bridge pickup, a Burstbucker 61R neck pickup, and Orange Drops capacitors.

5. Gibson Les Paul Classic HB

Gibson Les Paul Classic HB is a great electric guitar for the money. It offers a mahogany body with a maple top, slim-taper neck profile, and rosewood fretboard.

It also has a keystone button Grover locking Rotomatic machine heads, aluminum stop bar, and Burstbucker 61R (neck) and 61T (bridge) humbuckers. Moreover, this guitar is perfect for any player looking for a great Les Paul sound at an affordable price.


  • It offers a mahogany body with a maple top
  • It has a slim-taper neck profile
  • The fretboard is made of rosewood
  • It has a keystone button Grover locking Rotomatic machine heads
  • It has an aluminum stop bar

5 Best Gibson Les Paul Electric Guitar on zZounds

1. Gibson Les Paul Tribute Electric Guitar (with Soft Case)

2. Gibson Les Paul Standard ’60s Electric Guitar (with Case)

3. Gibson Slash Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar (with Case)

4. Gibson Les Paul Classic Electric Guitar (with Case)

5. Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar (with Soft Case)

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Overall Verdict

Now that we’ve mentioned some of the best Gibson Les Paul guitars, it’ll be easier for you to buy one at an affordable price. We hope this article comes in handy to you and that you do end up buying the best guitar possible.

Without waiting any further, try any one of these guitars and we assure you that you’ll end up happy with what you bought!

Frequently Ask Questions

Q: Which version of Les Paul is best?

A: There is no definitive answer to this question. Different players have different preferences, and what might be the best guitar for one person may not be the best for another. However, some versions of Les Paul are definitely more popular than others.

The most popular version of the Les Paul is the Standard. It is historically considered to be the “iconic” Les Paul guitar, has been in production continuously since 1952, and has been played by some of the biggest names in music.

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