15 Best ASAP Rocky Songs To Get You Hyped Up

Best ASAP Rocky Songs

ASAP Rocky, a trailblazer in the rap industry, has etched his mark with a distinctive style and unmatched flow, amassing a devoted fanbase. Whether you’re seeking motivation or aiming to rev up your energy levels, immerse yourself in this meticulously curated list of the 15 best ASAP Rocky songs.

Each track promises not just a musical experience but a transformative journey, guaranteed to elevate your mood and set the perfect hype atmosphere.

List of the Best ASAP Rocky Songs

1. “Peso”

ASAP Rocky’s groundbreaking hit, “Peso,” stands as the transformative anthem that emerged from his debut mixtape, “Live. Love. ASAP.” This track marked a pivotal moment, introducing the world to Rocky’s magnetic and genre-defying style.

Produced by ASAP Ty Beats, “Peso” isn’t just a song; it’s a seismic shift in the hip-hop landscape, a bold declaration of a new force in the game. The infectious beats and dynamic lyrical prowess establish it not just as a debut but as a timeless classic, leaving an indelible mark on the trajectory of Rocky’s career.

2. Everyday

Album Standout: “Everyday” isn’t just a track on the album; it’s an undeniable standout, defining the album titled “AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP.” This collaboration excellence with Rod Stewart and Miguel showcases Rocky’s versatility, elevating the album with top-notch production and dynamic verses. Its fusion of genres isn’t a mere experiment but a deliberate transcendence of traditional hip-hop boundaries.

“Everyday” becomes a cornerstone, not just in the album but in Rocky’s evolving sonic journey, marking a sonic evolution that resonates beyond the confines of a single genre.

3. Goldie

Debut Album Gem: A debut gem from “LONG.LIVE.A$AP,” “Goldie” crafted by Hit-Boy isn’t just a track; it’s a masterpiece. With an irresistible beat and a canvas for Rocky’s lyrical prowess, “Goldie” transcends the boundaries of a typical debut album track.

The infectious chorus cements its position as a go-to track, capturing the essence of Rocky’s artistic evolution within the realms of a single album. In the grand tapestry of debut albums, “Goldie” shines as a defining moment, setting a standard for what was to come in Rocky’s illustrious career.

4. Fashion Killa

Stylish Anthem: Beyond being a song, “Fashion Killa” from “Long. Live. ASAP” (2013) is a stylish anthem that transcends mere auditory pleasure. Its catchy beat and flawless lyrics transform it into an essential anthem for those seeking an energetic and stylish musical experience.

The track perfectly encapsulates Rocky’s ability to seamlessly blend fashion and music, creating a unique niche within the hip-hop landscape. “Fashion Killa” becomes an immersive experience, not just through sound but through style, a visual and auditory journey through Rocky’s artistic expression.

5. Trilla

Mixtape Magnificence: Emphasizing its presence on the 2007 mixtape “Live. Love. ASAP,” featuring ASAP Ferg, “Trilla” becomes more than just a mixtape track. Delving into the cultural significance of the term “Trilla” within Rocky’s crew adds a layer of depth to its meaning.

It’s not just a linguistic exploration but a cultural artifact, connecting readers to the artist’s cultural roots. “Trilla” becomes a multifaceted experience, not just a representation of Rocky’s early days but a testament to his cultural heritage.

6. A$AP Forever

Album Evolution: As the lead single from “Testing” (2018), “A$AP Forever” signifies an evolution. The positive reception from critics, praising Rocky’s venture into experimental sounds, makes this track a pivotal moment in his artistic journey.

It’s not just about versatility but a willingness to push boundaries, marking a definitive chapter in Rocky’s evolution as an artist. “A$AP Forever” becomes a symbol of artistic exploration, a sonic experiment that resonates with those willing to embrace musical evolution.

7. L$D

Personal Favorite: “L$D” isn’t just a track; it’s a personal favorite, elevating its significance. Delving into its exploration of themes surrounding love and LSD offers readers a deeper understanding of its emotive beauty.

It transforms into a sonic journey through the complexities of emotion and altered states, making it a standout track with thematic depth. “L$D” becomes more than just a song; it’s a piece of personal connection, resonating with listeners on a profound and individual level.

8. Canal St.

Album Narrative: From “At. Long. Last. ASAP,” “Canal St.” offers more than just a narrative. Providing context on Rocky’s New York experience, it becomes a gripping track that transcends mere entertainment. It offers a window into Rocky’s personal narrative, creating a bridge between artist and audience.

“Canal St.” transforms into a storytelling experience, a vivid portrayal of Rocky’s reality, making it more than just a song but a chapter in his life.

9. Palace

Artistic Significance: Palace song is remarkable for a number of reasons. For one, it was the first song that ASAP Rocky released after his breakthrough mixtape Live. Love. ASAP, and it helped him cement his place in the hip-hop world, post his breakthrough mixtape.

It signifies not only artistic growth but also serves as a marker of Rocky’s journey in the industry, symbolizing resilience and evolution. “Palace” becomes a beacon, a symbol of triumph and growth in Rocky’s career, not just a track but a milestone.

10. Sundress

Seasonal Vibes: Emphasizing its suitability for summer days, “Sundress” showcases Rocky’s ability to seamlessly transition between rapper and singer. It becomes more than just a song; it’s a sonic embodiment of seasonal bliss, encapsulating the essence of carefree summer days.

“Sundress” becomes a soundtrack for moments of joy and warmth, etching memories into the listener’s mind, making it more than just a musical piece.

11. Wild for the Night

Collaboration Excellence: Acknowledging the collaboration with Skrillex, “Wild for the Night” emphasizes top-notch production that complements Rocky’s dynamic flow. This collaboration becomes more than just a meeting of artists; it’s a fusion of genres resulting in an electrifying musical journey.

“Wild for the Night” becomes a sonic adventure, a testament to the limitless possibilities in music, breaking barriers and expanding the sonic landscape.

12. 1 Train

Collaborative Brilliance: “1 Train” celebrates collaborative brilliance with its stellar lineup and impactful production by Hit-Boy. It’s not just a song; it’s a masterclass in collaborative brilliance, allowing each artist to shine while delivering a powerful message.

“1 Train” stands as a testament to the collective power of diverse talents in hip-hop, a track that becomes a showcase of individual strengths, making it more than just a track.

13. Purple Swag

Mood-Setter: Describing the smooth and mellow ambiance of “Purple Swag,” it goes beyond being a mood-setter. It’s a testament to Rocky’s ability to craft a sonic landscape that resonates with listeners on a deeper, emotional level.

“Purple Swag” becomes a sonic sanctuary, providing solace and comfort in its mellow tones, creating an emotional connection, making it more than just a mood-setter but a sonic journey.

14. Brand New Guy

Release Year: Specifying the release year (2011) and highlighting the song’s catchy nature and enjoyable beat, “Brand New Guy” becomes more than just a track from a specific era. It’s a timeless piece that continues to captivate audiences with its infectious energy and a snapshot of Rocky’s evolving style.

“Brand New Guy” becomes a time capsule, capturing the essence of a particular musical era while maintaining its timeless appeal, making it more than just a song but a piece of cultural history.

15. Angels

Debut Mixtape Essence: Highlighting its presence on ASAP Rocky’s debut mixtape, “Live. Love. ASAP,” and delving into the atmospheric production by Clams Casino, “Angels” transcends being a mere track. It’s a hauntingly beautiful piece that captures the essence of Rocky’s early artistic brilliance.

“Angels” becomes a sonic journey through atmospheric landscapes, a track that stands as a testament to the raw and unfiltered creativity of Rocky’s debut mixtape, making it more than just a track but a glimpse into the genesis of his artistry.


In summary, this meticulously curated list of ASAP Rocky songs promises an exhilarating listening experience that goes beyond the surface. Each track brings its unique flavor to the table, offering not just music but a transformative journey through Rocky’s evolving artistry.

Whether old or new, these songs resonate as timeless pieces, each with its own narrative and significance. Dive in, press play, and let us know your favorite ASAP Rocky song in the comments below! Elevate your energy and enjoy the hype ride with these iconic tracks! The compilation becomes more than just a list; it’s a narrative of Rocky’s evolution and a celebration of the diverse facets of his artistic genius.

Do you have a favorite ASAP Rocky song? Let us know in the comments below!

Frequently Ask Questions

What is ASAP Rocky’s best song?

We have listed all the best ASAP Rocky songs in our article. You can check and let us know which one is your favorite.

What’s that one ASAP Rocky song?

The song is named after Canal Street in Manhattan, where the incident took place. The music video for the song was filmed entirely on location in New York City and features cameos from Rocky’s friends and fellow rappers.

What is the best ASAP Rocky album?

The best ASAP Rocky album is his debut studio album, Long. Live. ASAP. The album was released in 2013 and received critical acclaim from music critics.

What is ASAP Rocky best known for?

ASAP Rocky is best known for his unique style of rap and his debut studio album, Long. Live. ASAP. He is also a member of the hip-hop group ASAP Mob.

What is ASAP Rocky’s real name?

ASAP Rocky’s real name is Rakim Mayers. He was born on October 11, 1988, in Harlem, New York City. Rocky’s mother is African-American and his father is of Barbadian descent. Rocky has an older sister named Erika B. Mayers. He is also a cousin of rappers ASAP Ferg and ASAP Twelvyy.

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