What Instrument Does Kenny G Play? (Exclusive Guide)

What Instrument Does Kenny G Play?
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Musical instruments out there are countless. Various people can master the art of playing one or the other and use their skills to make money.

One such person is Kenny G, a successful saxophonist who took over the world with his saxophone playing skills. In this write-up, let’s have a look at what instrument does Kenny plays.

Going by the name; Kenneth Bruce Gorelick, and nicknamed Kenny G, blessed the world on June 5 in 1996.

He is an American smooth jazz saxophonist who made multiple albums based on saxophone track records called Duotones, and that brought him commercial success.

To those who love the melodies of Saxophone, Kenny G is one of the best-selling artists of all time.

Let’s dive further into what kind of instrument does Kenny g play and Kenny g saxophone type for those who wish to know more about it.

Life and Career of Kenny G; An Insight

Life and Career of Kenny G; An Insight

What a man would do for music is undoubtedly something to learn from people like Kenny G as his journey has been long yet inspiring.

He started his musical journey from being a music enthusiast to a sideman, and he finally went on to bagging the Grammy award. Many people would also regard him as the one who initiated Jazz music as this genre did not readily exist in the music industry before Kenny G made his cut.

What might have driven Kenny G to play the saxophone, according to him, was perhaps the guy who he saw playing on a TV show, and to him, it felt like the saxophone was attracting him towards it.

He started playing the saxophone with ease and professionalism by the time he turned ten, and at the tender age of seventeen, debuted as a sideman for Barry White. Success for him then never stopped as his albums went on to become the bestselling gathering back-to-back platinum status at the box office.

He has a Guinness Book of Records to his credit and is a part-time avid golfer who has played in several tournaments.

He ranked the No 1 status in 2006 in the Golf Digest ranking of Top 100 in Music.

What Are Saxophones and How Are They Played?

Saxophones can be regarded as much larger versions of the Harmonica. Akin to Harmonica, the saxophones require air to be blown in to produce music.

The saxophone is often referred to as the sax.

Sax is often used in a wide range of musical styles such as concert bands, chamber music, solo repertoire, and, occasionally, orchestras, military bands, marching bands, jazz combos, and contemporary music, etc.

Albeit most saxophones are produced using metal, they are classified as woodwind instruments since a swaying reed creates sound.

The pitch of the note being played is constrained by covering openings in the body cylinder to air that goes in our out to produce music.

What Saxophone Does Kenny G Play?


Let’s have a look at precisely what kind of saxophone does Kenny g play. Kenny G plays a variety of saxophones, primarily the Selmer Mark VI soprano saxophone and the alto and tenor saxophones.

In a recent interview, he revealed that his Soprano Saxophone was indeed his love from high school and all songs that he recorded back then, were in fact, from the saxophone only.

He later went on to creating his own line of saxophones called Kenny G Saxophones that include soprano sax, the alto sax, tenor sax, bari sax, and bass sax.

Today, this brand of saxophones is renowned around the world. Kenny G builds and sells these instruments. There are at least 10 of these saxophones available in the market today. Here is a list of these saxophones:

1- ‘Concert Series’ Saxophones

2- Black and Silver Original Kenny G Alto Sax

3- EIII Lacquered Soprano Sax

4- ES-Series Saxophones

5- G-Series IV Saxophones

6- GVI 85% Copper Saxophones

7- Original Dark Lacquered Tenor Saxophones

8- Original G-Series B-Flat Soprano Sax

9- Original Gold Lacquer Tenor Sax

10- Original Lacquered Alto (Closeout)

The various types of saxophones are crafted for numerous occasions. For instance, Kenny G exclusively uses the saxophones in his concerts are labeled as “The Concert Series Saxophones.”

Now that we know what kind of sax does Kenny G play let’s go through some other instruments that Kenny G was also melodious with.

 People often search up does Kenny G plays the clarinet as a clarinet can often be confused with a saxophone, but the clarinet is different.

So, this was an insight into what kind of instrument does Kenny G plays. This glorious saxophonist has always been the talk of the music world with his mastery in playing the saxophone and creating melodious albums out of it, blessing the ears of music lovers since forever.

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