7 Famous Accordion Players You Should Know in 2023

Accordion is one of the best and the most beautiful instruments and even after decades, it still speaks to the hearts of many people around the globe.

This instrument went through some ups and downs but right now, we can again see it growing in popularity. In fact, it’s becoming quite common in classical and jazz music performances.

If you are someone who likes playing accordion then you should definitely know the names of some of the best accordion players who’ve given us some of the most beautiful music.

1-Lawrence Welk

Lawrence Welk is one of the most famous accordion players who gave us some great and iconic performances.

Not only was he a musician but also a TV impression. He had his own TV show running for almost three decades, from 1951 to 1982. Lawrence had quite a huge fan following both on radio and TV.

Not just this but he was famous for his outstanding live performances too. Some of his most famous hits are; Colorado, Annabelle (1939), Bonnie Blue Gal (1955), and Don’t Sweetheart Me (1944).

2-Guido Deiro

Guido Deiro was known as one of the most amazing accordion players of all time. Both Guido and his younger brother Pietro did a lot of work to introduce the piano accordion to different platforms.

Before making his way to the US in 1990 he used to perform in France and Germany. Not only did he give some iconic performances in the classical genre but he also used to compose his own songs. By 1930, he opened multiple accordion studios. He sold accordions and even taught students how to play it.

3-Nick Ariondo

When talking about famous modern accordion players, we can’t help but mention Nick Ariondo who wasn’t just famous for his good looks but also for his outstanding accordion performances.

He received multiple awards for all of his compositions and collaborations that gave accordion players a whole new world. After his collaboration with the Los Angeles Orchestra, Nick won two Grammy Awards for it.

And the list doesn’t end here because he later won 20 more awards from the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. As far as his performances are concerned, he worked with famous artists like Placido Domingo and made history with his talent as an accordionist.

4-William Schimmel

William Schimmel is another one of the most famous accordion players who was known as the most talented and skillful accordionist of all time. What’s best is that Schimmel didn’t just play the accordion, in fact, he also composed multiple songs for which he won some great achievements.

He has been nominated in several award shows and even won plenty of them for the excellence he used to portray as an accordionist. He was later awarded the title of, World’s Greatest Accordionist by the National Public Radio. In a nutshell, William Schimmel will always be known as the best accordionist who made history with his mastery.

5-Lars Hollmer

The man who introduced versatility in an accordion is Lars Hollmer. Not only was he a great accordionist but he also knew how to play keyboards. With his skills, he produced some of the best music of all time in different genres. Nordic folk music and progressive rock were his top two genres in which he gave the most memorable performances.

He was one of the most famous Scottish accordion players who composed several different songs for Swedish theatre, dance, and film productions. All of this then led to him winning the Swedish Grammy Awards. Moreover, Hollmer’s talent wasn’t just limited to composing songs or playing the accordion, in fact, he also introduced the concept of irregular time signatures, improvisation, and complex polyrhythms.

6-Myron Floren

Known for his versatile playing style and the fact that he used to perform as an accordionist in Lawrence Welk’s show, Myron Floren became extremely popular back then. People all around the globe loved his performances and how good he was with playing multiple genres on a single instrument. It took Myron several years to master the art of playing the accordion.

He first started learning this instrument and studying it when he was just six years old. His dedication, passion, and consistency in efforts finally paid off when he started performing live, wowing the audiences with his skills.

7-Dick Contino

It goes without saying that the accordion is one of those instruments that have a very energetic and powerful personality yet the sound is so warm and sweet that it can touch anyone’s heart.

Dick Contino was the name who took this instrument to a whole other level by playing some of the most energetic songs possible. He started his training when he was just 6 and that’s how he mastered the art of playing the accordion to perfection.

He performed in the Ed Sullivan Show more than 30 times because of his extraordinary skills. Not only accordion, in fact, Contino also knew how to play the saxophone, piano, and clarinet.

These are some of the best accordionists of all time. If you are interested in learning how to play the accordion then don’t wait any further and get started right away. The instrument is back in trend now and it really is one of the best things you’ll ever learn how to play.

If it’s hard for you to find a proper accordion music studio where you can learn it then don’t worry and try the internet. You can find multiple online courses and videos through which you can easily master the art of playing this extraordinary instrument.

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