15 Best Niall Horan Songs of All Time

Best Niall Horan Songs of All Time

Niall Horan, a name synonymous with exceptional music, has left an indelible mark on the music industry with his heartfelt lyrics, melodious tunes, and captivating voice. In this article, we’ll delve into the 15 best Niall Horan songs that have resonated with fans across the globe. From the tender ballads to the foot-tapping anthems, Niall’s versatility shines through in every note. Let’s embark on a musical journey through his greatest hits.

[15 Best Niall Horan Songs of All Time]

1. This Town

Niall Horan’s solo debut single “This Town” showcases his raw emotion and vulnerability. The heartfelt lyrics and acoustic melody make this song an instant classic, resonating with listeners on a personal level.

2. Finally Free

“Finally Free” exudes an infectious energy that is hard to resist. With its catchy rhythm and uplifting lyrics, the song captures the essence of freedom and self-discovery.

3. Put A Little Love On Me

A poignant ballad that tugs at the heartstrings, “Put A Little Love On Me” beautifully captures the complexities of love and longing. Niall’s emotive vocals add depth to the song’s emotional narrative.

4. Small Talk

“Small Talk” is a testament to Niall’s ability to craft relatable and honest songs. The track’s breezy melody and relatable lyrics make it an easy favorite among fans.

5. Black and White

“Black and White” is a testament to Niall’s growth as an artist. The song’s introspective lyrics and melodic chorus create a captivating blend that resonates deeply.

6. On The Loose

With its irresistible groove and confident lyrics, “On The Loose” is a standout track that showcases Niall’s evolution as a solo artist. The song’s dynamic production is impossible to ignore.

7. Still

“Still” is a soulful ballad that highlights Niall’s ability to convey raw emotions through his music. The stripped-down instrumentation and heartfelt lyrics create an intimate listening experience.

8. No Judgement

A feel-good track that encourages self-acceptance, “No Judgement” is a celebration of individuality. Niall’s breezy vocals and catchy melody make this song an instant mood-lifter.

9. Nice To Meet Ya

“Nice To Meet Ya” is a high-energy anthem that showcases Niall’s playful side. The song’s infectious chorus and upbeat instrumentation make it a favorite among fans.

10. Seeing Blind

A collaboration with Maren Morris, “Seeing Blind” is a delightful duet that blends Niall and Maren’s voices seamlessly. The song’s country-infused sound adds a unique flavor to Niall’s discography.

11. Heartbreak Weather

“Heartbreak Weather” is the title track of Niall’s second studio album. The song’s metaphorical lyrics and catchy melody paint a vivid picture of navigating the stormy waters of love.

12. Flicker

The title track of Niall’s debut solo album, “Flicker,” is a heartfelt ballad that showcases his vocal prowess. The song’s emotional depth and introspective lyrics resonate with listeners.

13. Paper Houses

“Paper Houses” delves into the fragility of relationships and the vulnerability that comes with it. Niall’s evocative delivery and the song’s haunting melody make it a standout.

14. Fire Away

“Fire Away” combines Niall’s signature acoustic sound with a powerful chorus. The song’s anthemic quality and relatable lyrics make it a standout track.

15. Dear Patience

Closing the list is “Dear Patience,” a soul-stirring ballad that captures the essence of patience and resilience. Niall’s emotive vocals and poetic lyrics make it a moving conclusion to this musical journey.


Can I listen to these songs on streaming platforms?

Absolutely! All these songs are available on popular streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music for you to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

What inspired Niall Horan to write these songs?

Niall draws inspiration from his personal experiences, emotions, and observations about life and love. These songs reflect his journey as an artist and individual.

Are there any collaborations among these songs?

Yes, “Seeing Blind” is a notable collaboration between Niall Horan and Maren Morris, showcasing their harmonious chemistry.

Are there music videos for these songs?

Many of these songs have captivating music videos that complement their lyrical narratives. You can find these videos on video-sharing platforms like YouTube.

Has Niall Horan won any awards for these songs?

Several of these songs have received critical acclaim and recognition, contributing to Niall’s continued success as a solo artist.

Can I attend Niall Horan’s live performances of these songs?

Niall often includes these songs in his live performances, giving fans the opportunity to experience the magic in person. Keep an eye out for his concert tours!


Niall Horan’s musical journey is a testament to his artistry and passion for creating music that resonates with people of all ages. From heartfelt ballads to infectious anthems, each song on this list has a unique story to tell. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to Niall’s music, these 15 best Niall Horan songs are a must-listen, offering a glimpse into the soulful and dynamic world of his musical genius.

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