20 of the Best NBA Youngboy Songs of All Time

Best NBA Youngboy Songs

Do you want to know the best NBA Youngboy songs of all time?

Join us on an immersive journey through the diverse and compelling musical tapestry of NBA Youngboy. Anticipation for his forthcoming album, “Until Death Call My Name,” grows, making it the perfect time to delve into the essence of his artistry.

Explore the significance of 20 standout tracks that have not only shaped the trajectory of his career but have also left an indelible mark on the ever-evolving hip-hop scene.

List of the Best NBA Youngboy Songs 2022

1. Outside Today

A watershed moment for NBA Youngboy, “Outside Today” not only marked a significant breakthrough in February 2018 but also served as a cultural phenomenon.

Beyond its notable climb to #31 on the Billboard Hot 100, the track encapsulates Youngboy’s magnetic blend of raw authenticity and mainstream appeal. The infectious hooks, coupled with compelling lyricism, create a sonic experience that resonates far beyond its chart success, solidifying its place as a cornerstone in NBA Youngboy’s expansive repertoire.

As listeners delve into the verses, they discover a lyrical narrative that not only mirrors Youngboy’s journey but also becomes a mirror reflecting the struggles and triumphs of a generation.

2. Never Broken Again

Released in May 2018, “Never Broken Again” stands as a poignant testament to NBA Youngboy’s resilience. Beyond its catchy hooks, the track reveals the artist’s unique ability to translate personal struggles into universally relatable narratives.

As the listener navigates the song’s emotional landscape, they are invited into a world where vulnerability becomes strength, showcasing the depth that NBA Youngboy brings to his storytelling.

The track extends beyond the realm of a conventional song; it becomes a sonic therapy session, resonating with those who find solace in the shared experiences of overcoming adversity.

3. Valuable Pain

Accompanied by a visually striking music video, “Valuable Pain” transcends the realm of music to become a visual and lyrical masterpiece.

Released as a heartfelt exploration of the challenges of young fatherhood, the track showcases NBA Youngboy in a white suit alongside his daughter, adding a layer of authenticity to the narrative. This visual ode becomes a powerful metaphor for the strength of fathers confronting adversity, creating a lasting impact on audiences.

As viewers and listeners immerse themselves in the world of “Valuable Pain,” they discover a narrative that extends beyond the music, becoming a testament to the artist’s ability to intertwine personal experiences with a universal message.

4. No Smoke

More than a mere party anthem, “No Smoke,” released in 2017, emerges as a motivational manifesto urging listeners to live fearlessly.

The beats and rhythms create a lively energy, but beyond the surface, the song carries a profound message aligning with NBA Youngboy’s unapologetic approach to life.

It becomes a sonic catalyst for embracing risks and embracing one’s unfiltered self. As the track unfolds, it transforms into a call to action, an anthem for those who dare to defy expectations and carve their own path in a world filled with uncertainty.

5. Lonely Child

From the October 2017 album “Ain’t Too Long,” “Lonely Child” unfolds as a poignant narrative, offering a raw exploration of the life of a neglected youth seeking solace in the streets.

NBA Youngboy’s lyrical prowess vividly paints the harsh realities of life, providing listeners with a window into the struggles faced by many. The track becomes more than music; it becomes a storytelling medium for the untold stories of the overlooked.

With each verse, the narrative expands, creating a vivid tapestry of emotions and experiences that resonate with those who have walked similar paths.

6. Kacey Talk

A haunting ballad from the 2018 album AI Youngboy, “Kacey Talk” invites listeners into NBA Youngboy’s emotional landscape.

Beyond its musical allure, the song becomes a canvas for introspection and vulnerability as the artist delves into a past relationship. This capacity for emotional expression adds a layer of complexity to NBA Youngboy’s persona, showcasing a depth often unseen in mainstream hip-hop.

As the haunting melodies echo, they carry with them the weight of the artist’s experiences, inviting listeners into a realm where emotions are not just heard but felt.

7. Untouchable

“Untouchable” stands as a motivational anthem released in 2017, urging listeners to persevere through life’s challenges. Beyond its inspirational message, the track becomes a testament to NBA Youngboy’s unwavering determination and resilience.

It transcends the boundaries of a conventional motivational track, offering a sonic lifeline for those navigating the complexities of life. The verses unfold as chapters in a book of triumph, each line a testament to the artist’s ability to rise above adversity.

“Untouchable” becomes more than a song; it becomes an anthem for the indomitable spirit that resides in each listener.

8. Through the Strom

Released in 2018, “Through the Strom” stands out as a motivational and uplifting track, capturing NBA Youngboy’s journey through tough times.

The lyrics emphasize strength and fearlessness, creating a sonic landscape where adversity becomes a stepping stone rather than a stumbling block. It becomes a rallying cry for those facing their own storms, inspiring resilience and determination.

As the beats echo the rhythm of perseverance, listeners are transported into a realm where challenges become opportunities for growth. “Through the Strom” becomes a sonic guide, navigating through the tumultuous currents of life with unwavering resolve.

9. All In

“All In” transcends the realms of motivation, expressing an unwavering commitment to dreams and aspirations. Released as more than just a call to action, the track becomes a declaration of NBA Youngboy’s dedication to his craft.

It encourages listeners not just to be motivated but to be unapologetically ambitious, marking a sonic manifesto for relentless pursuit.

Each verse becomes a proclamation, not just of ambition but of a willingness to face challenges head-on. “All In” becomes a mantra for those who refuse to settle, resonating with the dreamers and visionaries who dare to push the boundaries of their potential.

10. Smile Belief

Released in 2017, “Smile Belief” radiates positivity through its uplifting chorus and motivational lyrics. NBA Youngboy’s ability to infuse optimism into his music becomes evident, creating a track that not only entertains but leaves listeners feeling inspired.

In the face of adversity, the song becomes a sonic refuge, encouraging a mindset of resilience and joy. With each note, “Smile Belief” becomes a beacon of positivity, transcending the boundaries of a traditional hip-hop track. It becomes a sonic elixir, infusing a dose of hope and optimism into the hearts of those who press play.

11. Genie

With its catchy beat and expressive lyrics, “Genie” becomes a sonic exploration of desire. NBA Youngboy vividly paints the picture of yearning for someone seemingly out of reach, showcasing his versatility in both storytelling and melody.

The track stands as a testament to the artist’s ability to craft narratives that resonate with the complexities of human emotion.

As the beats intertwine with the lyrics, “Genie” becomes a musical genie granting access to the artist’s innermost thoughts and desires. Each verse becomes a wish, a lyrical journey into the realm of longing and passion.

12. Make No Sense

As the lead single from AI Youngboy 2, “Make No Sense” not only climbed to #19 on the Billboard Hot 100 but also solidified NBA Youngboy’s unique flow and wordplay.

The track becomes a prime example of his evolving style and sound, serving as a sonic benchmark in his career. Beyond the numbers, it becomes a testament to Youngboy’s ability to captivate audiences with his signature musicality.

With each bar, “Make No Sense” becomes a showcase of lyrical dexterity, a testament to the artist’s command over the intricacies of hip-hop. It becomes a musical journey, with each verse a step forward in the evolution of NBA Youngboy’s artistry.

13. Hot Now

Featured in Youngboy’s fourth studio album “AI Youngboy 2” in 2019, “Hot Now” stands as a dynamic testament to his evolving musical landscape.

Peaking at #24 on the US Billboard Hot 100, it signifies Youngboy’s ability to adapt to changing sounds in hip-hop. The track becomes a snapshot of his versatility, showcasing an artist in constant evolution.

As the beats resonate with the pulse of contemporary hip-hop, “Hot Now” becomes a sonic time capsule, capturing the essence of an artist in the midst of a transformative musical journey. Each note becomes a testament to Youngboy’s ability to ride the waves of change while staying true to his unique sound.

14. Overdose

“Overdose” takes the listener on an emotional journey into the depths of love, showcasing NBA Youngboy’s vulnerability. Released in 2017, the track explores the lengths one is willing to go for the person they love, adding a layer of emotional complexity to Youngboy’s repertoire.

Beyond the surface, it becomes a testament to the artist’s willingness to bare his soul through his music. Each verse becomes a brushstroke, painting a canvas of love, passion, and the intricate nuances of human connection.

“Overdose” becomes a lyrical voyage, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the emotional landscape of NBA Youngboy’s heart.

15. Solar Eclipse

Delving into the theme of love after separation, “Solar Eclipse” portrays the artist’s determination to rekindle a past flame.

The track’s emotional depth resonates with those navigating the complexities of love and heartbreak. Beyond the narrative, it becomes a sonic exploration of the intricacies of relationships, showcasing NBA Youngboy’s ability to convey universal emotions through his music.

Each note becomes a heartbeat, echoing the emotional pulses of love lost and found. “Solar Eclipse” becomes a musical diary, with each lyric etching a chapter in the book of love’s unpredictable journey.

16. House Arrest Tingz

Despite being under house arrest, “House Arrest Tingz” brings a vibrant energy to NBA Youngboy’s discography. Released in 2018, it becomes a testament to his ability to find joy even in restrictive conditions, offering a glimpse into his playful and resilient side.

The track becomes a celebration of life’s vibrancy, transcending physical boundaries through its lively beats and infectious energy. As the melodies dance, they become a testament to the artist’s ability to create art under any circumstance.

“House Arrest Tingz” becomes a sonic testament to resilience, proving that creativity knows no confinement.

17. 38 Baby

From the album “AI Youngboy 2,” “38 Baby” provides a raw and gritty perspective on street life and survival. Released in 2019, the track stands as one of NBA Youngboy’s most intense and compelling songs, encapsulating the harsh realities of his upbringing.

Beyond its intensity, it becomes a storytelling medium for the experiences that shaped the artist, offering listeners a glimpse into a world often overlooked.

Each verse becomes a chapter in the autobiography of NBA Youngboy, a lyrical exploration of the streets, survival, and the indomitable spirit that rises from adversity. “38 Baby” becomes a sonic testimony, with each beat echoing the heartbeat of the streets.

18. Lil Top

Released on November 20, 2016, “Lil Top” emerged as a chart-topping force, peaking at #22 on the US Billboard Hot 100. Its enduring popularity cements its status as one of NBA Youngboy’s definitive tracks, capturing the essence of his early sound.

The track becomes a historical marker, illustrating the artist’s impact on the musical landscape even in the early stages of his career. As the beats resonate with the nostalgia of the past, “Lil Top” becomes a musical time capsule, transporting listeners to the era where NBA Youngboy’s voice first reverberated through the airwaves.

Each note becomes a testament to the longevity of artistic influence, proving that some songs are not just heard; they become a part of the cultural fabric.

19. Self Control

This introspective track from “AI Youngboy 2” offers a window into NBA Youngboy’s struggles with self-control, emotions, and the challenges of youth.

“Self Control” delves into the artist’s personal journey, adding layers of complexity to his narrative. Beyond the surface, it becomes a sonic exploration of personal growth and introspection, showcasing NBA Youngboy’s ability to turn his experiences into a relatable musical narrative.

Each verse becomes a mirror reflecting the internal struggles of the artist, a lyrical journey into the depths of self-discovery. “Self Control” becomes a musical mirror, allowing listeners to see their own reflections in the poignant verses.

20. No Mentions

A standout track in NBA Youngboy’s repertoire, “No Mentions” explores the artist’s desire for solitude. Released in 2018, the track resonates with those seeking peace amidst the chaos of life, standing as a testament to the power of silence and introspection.

Beyond its catchy beats, it becomes a sonic refuge for those yearning for a moment of quiet in a world filled with noise. Each note becomes a pause in the cacophony of life, inviting listeners to embrace the serenity found in solitude.

“No Mentions” becomes a sonic sanctuary, where the absence of noise becomes a powerful statement, and the spaces between the beats become an invitation to introspection.

Conclusion: Best NBA Youngboy Songs

These are 20 of the best NBA Youngboy songs of all time. Beyond the beats and rhythms, each track unveils layers of authenticity, vulnerability, and resilience.

As you immerse yourself in this discography, you’ll discover a multifaceted artist whose music transcends genres, leaving listeners inspired and yearning for more.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is NBA Youngboys most popular song?

Determining the most popular song is subjective. However, “No Mentions” stands out as one of his notable and relatable tracks.

Does NBA YoungBoy have any #1 songs?

Yes, NBA Youngboy has achieved two #1 songs: “Self Control” and “No Mentions.”

Is NBA YoungBoy a billionaire?

No, NBA Youngboy’s estimated net worth is $4 million, reflecting his success as a rapper and songwriter.

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