9 Best Eurorack Drum Sequencer (Buying Guide)

9 Best Eurorack Drum Sequencer

9 Best Eurorack Drum Sequencer (Buying Guide)

In the ever-evolving world of modular synthesis, where creativity knows no bounds, Eurorack drum sequencers have emerged as the unsung heroes of sonic innovation. 

The beating heart of any electronic music setup, drum sequencers are the architects of rhythm, transforming a cascade of electrical pulses into a mesmerizing symphony of beats. 

As the popularity of Eurorack systems continues to soar, the demand for versatile and powerful drum sequencers has reached new heights. 

From analog thumpers to digital maestros, each sequencer carries the potential to elevate your modular experience and set your beats free.

List of the 9 Best Eurorack Drum Sequencer

2Korg CV Sequencer and Sync Box (SQ1)CHECK PRICE
3Roland AIRA Compact J-6 CHECK PRICE
5Behringer Odyssey Analog SynthesizerCHECK PRICE
6Behringer CAT Legendary Paraphonic Analog SynthesizerCHECK PRICE
7Korg Volca Kick/Bass Percussion Synthesizer (VOLCAKICK)CHECK PRICE
8Korg Monotron Delay Analog Ribbon SynthesizerCHECK PRICE
9Behringer Rhythm Designer RD-8CHECK PRICE

1. Behringer 182 SEQUENCER

Behringer 182 SEQUENCER

When it comes to Eurorack drum sequencers, the Behringer 182 SEQUENCER stands as a legendary analog module, beckoning to the ’80s with its authentic reproduction of the iconic “System 100M” circuitry. 

Key Features

  • Analog Authenticity: The Behringer 182 SEQUENCER is not just a module; it’s a time-traveling capsule to the golden era of analog sound. Boasting a faithful reproduction of the original “System 100M” circuitry, this sequencer captures the essence of vintage electronic music, adding warmth and character to your beats.
  • Flexible Control Voltages: Unleash your creativity step by step. With the Behringer 182 SEQUENCER, you have the power to manually set control voltages for each step. This level of control allows you to sculpt your sequences with precision, ensuring every beat aligns with your musical vision.
  • Real-Time Parameter Access: Navigate the sonic landscape with ease using the 23 controls and switches that provide real-time access to essential parameters. From tempo and delay to gate time controls, every nuance of your sequence is at your fingertips. The step switch further enhances flexibility, enabling single play or repeating sequences.


  • Eurorack Compatibility: 16 HP, 35 mA +12 V, 35 mA -12 V
  • Dimensions: 12.9 x 8.1 x 4.3 inches
  • Weight: 170 Grams
  • Color Options: Grey, Black, Red, White

Use Cases

  • Retro Revival: For artists seeking that nostalgic ’80s vibe, the Behringer 182 SEQUENCER is a dream come true. Whether you’re into synthwave, vaporwave, or experimental genres, this sequencer injects your music with a vintage charm that’s hard to replicate.
  • Experimental Exploration: Push the boundaries of sound design by integrating the Behringer 182 SEQUENCER into your modular setup. Its flexible control voltages and real-time parameter access make it a playground for sonic experimentation, allowing you to create unconventional beats and rhythms.

What This is Best For

  • The Behringer 182 SEQUENCER is best suited for musicians and producers who appreciate the analog warmth of vintage gear and desire hands-on control over their sequences. It’s a versatile module that finds its home in various genres, from electronic and ambient to experimental and beyond.

2. Korg CV Sequencer and Sync Box (SQ1) 

Korg CV Sequencer and Sync Box (SQ1)

In the realm of synthesizers and electronic music, the Korg CV Sequencer and Sync Box (SQ1) , known as the SQ1, emerges as a compact powerhouse, offering a wealth of possibilities for both novice and seasoned musicians. From controlling vintage analog synths to syncing with the latest compact setups, this sequencer proves itself as an indispensable tool for spontaneous performances and rhythmic liberation.

Key Features

  • Compact Sequencing Power: The SQ1 boasts a compact step sequencer with 2 x 8 steps, providing an intuitive platform for crafting intricate musical patterns. Its step edit buttons, inherited from the Volca series, enhance the sequencing experience, allowing users to fine-tune their compositions with precision.
  • Versatile Connectivity: With a plethora of connection jacks, the SQ1 ensures compatibility with a range of synthesizers, including the iconic MS-20. Whether you’re diving into the world of vintage analog synths or exploring the capabilities of contemporary compact setups, the SQ1 has you covered.
  • Sturdy and Portable Design: The sturdy and compact body of the SQ1 makes it an ideal companion for both studio sessions and live performances. Battery operation adds an extra layer of convenience, allowing musicians to unleash their creativity without being tethered to a power source.


  • Dimensions: 9.8 x 4.33 x 3.42 inches
  • Weight: 1.41 Pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Power Source: Battery Powered (2 AA batteries included)
  • Country of Origin: Vietnam
  • Best Sellers Rank: #22,499 in Musical Instruments, #92 in Synthesizer & Workstation Keyboards

Use Cases

  • Synth Hardware Essential: For those venturing into the realm of synthesizers, the SQ1 proves itself as an essential piece of hardware. Its intuitive design and versatile connectivity make it an ideal choice for musicians exploring the sonic landscape.
  • Spontaneous Performances: The SQ1’s step buttons and variety of synthesizer modes empower users to deliver spontaneous performances with ease. Liberate yourself from numerically-bound parameter editing and let your creativity flow in real-time.

What This is Best For

  • The Korg CV Sequencer and Sync Box (SQ1) are best suited for musicians looking for a compact yet powerful sequencing solution. Whether you’re a synth enthusiast or a live performer, the SQ1’s versatility and portability make it an invaluable addition to your setup.

3. Roland AIRA Compact J-6 

Roland AIRA Compact J-6

In the realm of song creation machines, the Roland AIRA Compact J-6 emerges as a powerhouse, combining professional sound capabilities with a compact and portable design. From its innovative chord sequencer to the soul-stirring tones of the JUNO-60 synth engine, the J-6 is a musical companion for those seeking instant inspiration and creative exploration.

Key Features

  • Four-Voice JUNO-60 Synth Engine: At the heart of the J-6 lies a four-voice JUNO-60 synth engine, utilizing Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology. This powerful engine captures the lush and iconic sounds of the original JUNO-60, providing a rich sonic palette for your musical creations.
  • Programmable Chord Sequencer: Unleash your creativity with the J-6’s programmable chord sequencer. With 100 chord sets spanning classic and contemporary genres, and the ability to program 64 user patterns with up to 64 steps each, you have the tools to generate endless musical ideas and explore diverse chord progressions.
  • Ready-to-Play Presets: The J-6 comes loaded with 64 ready-to-play presets derived from the original JUNO-60. Dive into a world of timeless sounds or tweak and customize these presets to suit your unique musical vision.
  • Real-Time Sound Shaping Controls: Take control of your sound in real-time with the J-6’s intuitive filter and envelope controls. Shape your sonic landscapes on the fly, adding dynamics and expressiveness to your compositions.


  • Dimensions: 10 x 7 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 1.28 Pounds
  • Connector Type: USB Type C
  • Color: Multicolor

Use Cases

  • Instant Song Ideas: The J-6 is an endless well of musical inspiration, allowing you to generate soul-stirring song ideas in seconds. Its chord sequencer and preset options make it a go-to tool for musicians looking to break through creative blocks.
  • Live Performances and Studio Sessions: Whether you’re performing live or in the studio, the J-6’s compact and portable design, along with its versatile connectivity options, makes it a reliable companion for crafting sonic masterpieces on the fly.

4. Behringer MIX-SEQUENCER MODULE 1050


In the dynamic world of modular synthesis, the Behringer MIX-SEQUENCER MODULE 1050 emerges as an 8-channel mixer/sequencer, offering a fusion of classic design and modern functionality. 

Key Features

  • Sequential Switching Brilliance: The MIX-SEQUENCER MODULE 1050 features sequential switching for rapid waveform and signal selection within a traditional audio mixer format. With 8 audio inputs, each equipped with its attenuator, and dual outputs featuring a master gain control, this module provides ultimate control over your sound.
  • Modular Synthesis Powerhouse: Authentically reproducing the original “System 2500” circuitry from the ’70s, this module seamlessly integrates into any Eurorack case. It can function as an 8-input mixer with two adjustable outputs or as two separate 4-input mixers, providing unparalleled flexibility for sonic experimentation.
  • Additional Controls for Sonic Sculpting: Explore exclusive-On buttons for soloing channels, a clock pulse generator with on/off switch and manual stepping, a Pulse Rate control knob for sequence speed, and a Counter rotary switch to determine the number of steps in a sequence. These controls elevate your ability to craft intricate soundscapes.
  • Eurorack Ready and Easy Installation: Designed to fit standard Eurorack cases, the MIX-SEQUENCER MODULE 1050 ensures easy integration into your modular setup. The package includes power cables and screws for hassle-free installation, catering to both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts.


  • Number of Channels: 8
  • Item Weight: 180 Grams
  • Product Dimensions: 5.08 x 4.17 x 1.77 inches
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Best Sellers Rank: #150,309 in Musical Instruments; #77 in Tabletop Synthesizers

Use Cases

  • Modular Synthesis Exploration: Ideal for those venturing into modular synthesis, the MIX-SEQUENCER MODULE 1050 opens up a world of sonic possibilities. Its authentic reproduction of ’70s circuitry and versatile controls make it an essential component for sonic explorers.
  • Flexible Sequencing Options: Whether you’re a seasoned producer or a beginner, the module’s ability to function as a single 8-step sequencer or dual 4-step sequencers offers flexibility in crafting evolving and dynamic sequences, adding a unique touch to your compositions.

Complete Your Setup

  • The MIX-SEQUENCER MODULE 1050 seamlessly integrates with other synth modules, allowing you to build a personalized and unique modular setup. Whether you’re completing your collection or starting fresh, this module is a valuable addition to any Eurorack arsenal.

5. Behringer Odyssey Analog Synthesizer

Behringer Odyssey Analog Synthesizer

In the vast landscape of analog synthesizers, the Behringer Odyssey Analog Synthesizer emerges as a captivating instrument, blending classic design with modern features. 

Key Features

  • Duophonic Analog Brilliance: The Behringer Odyssey boasts a 37-key duophonic analog synthesizer, providing musicians with a rich and expressive sonic canvas. Whether you’re crafting intricate melodies or diving into experimental soundscapes, the duophonic nature expands your creative horizons.
  • Dual VCOs for Sonic Depth: With dual Voltage-Controlled Oscillators (VCOs), the Odyssey delivers a spectrum of tones. From warm and vintage to cutting-edge and modern, the dual VCOs allow for nuanced sound sculpting, making it a versatile instrument for various musical genres.
  • Multi-Mode VCF – Shape Your Sound: The 3-way multi-mode Voltage-Controlled Filter (VCF) adds a layer of complexity to your sound design. Tailor your timbre with precision, from resonant sweeps to subtle filtering, providing a dynamic range of sonic possibilities.
  • Intuitive Sequencing: Unleash your creativity with the built-in 32-step sequencer. Whether you’re crafting evolving sequences or rhythmic patterns, the sequencer adds a dynamic element to your performances. Dive into the world of electronic composition with ease.
  • Klark Teknik FX – Sonic Enhancement: The inclusion of Klark Teknik FX elevates the auditory experience. Add lush reverbs, intricate delays, or other captivating effects to enrich your soundscape. The Odyssey becomes not just an instrument but a sonic journey with Klark Teknik enhancements.


  • Price: $599.00
  • Dimensions: 26.35 x 19.8 x 8.15 inches
  • Weight: 21.8 Pounds
  • Number of Keyboard Keys: 37
  • Country of Origin: China
  • ASIN: B07VST7G7H

Use Cases

  • Studio Mastery: For music producers and studio enthusiasts, the Behringer Odyssey is a formidable addition. Its duophonic nature, versatile VCOs, and multi-mode VCF make it an ideal tool for crafting signature sounds in a studio environment.
  • Live Performances: Take the Odyssey to the stage and engage your audience with its expressive 37 keys, intuitive sequencer, and captivating effects. From solo performances to collaborations, the Odyssey shines in a live setting.

6. Behringer CAT Legendary Paraphonic Analog Synthesizer

Behringer CAT Legendary Paraphonic Analog Synthesizer

In the ever-evolving world of analog synthesizers, the Behringer CAT Legendary Paraphonic Analog Synthesizer stands tall as a legendary paraphonic powerhouse, offering an authentic and flexible musical experience. 

Key Features

  • Dual VCO Design for Fat Music Creation: The Behringer CAT boasts a dual VCO design, allowing for the creation of rich and robust musical tones. Whether you’re sculpting vintage-inspired sounds or pushing the boundaries of modern synthesis, the dual VCOs provide a versatile sonic palette.
  • Authentic Circuitry – CAT SRM II Reproduction: Experience the nostalgia of the original “CAT SRM II” circuitry with the Behringer CAT. The synthesizer features authentic reproduction, including matched transistors and JFETs, ensuring a genuine analog signal path for an immersive sonic journey.
  • Duophonic/Paraphonic Modes: Unlock creative possibilities with duophonic/paraphonic modes, providing independent control over both oscillators. This feature allows for expressive and dynamic playing, making the CAT a versatile instrument for various genres and musical styles.
  • Versatile Oscillator Shapes and Modulation Options: With 4 variable and simultaneous oscillator shapes (Sawtooth, Triangle, modulated Pulse, Sub-Octave Square), the CAT offers a wide range of sonic possibilities. Explore 47 controls for versatile sound shaping, providing musicians with the tools to craft unique and expressive tones.
  • Poly Chain Function – Expand Your Sonic Horizons: The 16-note Poly Chain function enables the combination of multiple synthesizers, achieving up to 16-voice polyphony. This feature opens doors to expansive and lush soundscapes, making the CAT an ideal choice for both studio productions and live performances.


  • Price: $199.00 (33% off from the list price of $299.00)
  • Shipping & Import Fees Deposit: $243.95 to Pakistan
  • Dimensions: 14.72 x 5.35 x 3.66 inches
  • Weight: 1.6 Kilograms
  • ASIN: B0863FCV3S
  • Best Sellers Rank: #63,643 in Musical Instruments; #267 in Synthesizer & Workstation Keyboards

Frequently Bought Together

  • Enhance your sonic experience by pairing the Behringer CAT with the WASP DELUXE Legendary Analog Synthesizer for a total price of $348.00. Explore related products like the Pyle Portable Dual Laptop Stand, PreSonus Eris E4.5 Studio Monitor, Pyle Power Strip Surge Protector, and more for a comprehensive music setup.

Best Uses

  • Studio Productions: Ideal for music producers and studio enthusiasts, the Behringer CAT brings vintage charm and modern versatility to studio productions. Its duophonic capabilities and authentic circuitry make it a valuable tool for sound designers and electronic music creators.
  • Live Performances: Take the CAT to the stage and explore its dynamic duophonic features. The synthesizer’s compact design, versatile controls, and Poly Chain function make it a reliable companion for live performances, allowing musicians to create captivating and evolving soundscapes.

7. Korg Volca Kick/Bass Percussion Synthesizer (VOLCAKICK)

Korg Volca Kick/Bass Percussion Synthesizer (VOLCAKICK)

In the realm of analog synthesizers, the Korg Volca Kick/Bass Percussion Synthesizer (VOLCAKICK) stands out as a compact powerhouse designed to elevate your music production. 

Key Features

  • Powerful Kick Synthesis: The VOLCAKICK specializes in delivering a powerful kick bass that forms the backbone of your music. Its dedicated kick synthesizer ensures a rich and resonant low end that can be sculpted to perfection.
  • Volca Sequencer for Pattern Transformation: Take control of your musical patterns with the integrated volca sequencer. Transform your compositions dynamically, adding a layer of creativity to your sequences, making each performance unique.
  • High Playability: Whether you’re a seasoned musician or a beginner exploring the world of synthesizers, the VOLCAKICK offers high playability. The intuitive controls make it accessible for all, encouraging experimentation and sonic exploration.


  • Price: $149.99
  • Shipping & Import Fees Deposit to Pakistan: $180.99
  • Dimensions: 10.35 x 6.02 x 2.79 inches
  • Weight: 0.38 Kilograms
  • Best Sellers Rank: #46,675 in Musical Instruments; #200 in Synthesizer & Workstation Keyboards
  • Customer Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars (180 ratings)

Frequently Bought Together

  • For an enhanced musical experience, consider pairing the VOLCAKICK with the Korg Drum Machine, Blue (VOLCADRUM) for a total price of $299.98. This combination offers a comprehensive percussion solution for your music production needs.

Best Uses

  • Music Production: The VOLCAKICK is a valuable asset in the studio, allowing musicians to craft unique kicks and basslines. Its sequencer and playability make it an ideal tool for electronic music producers.
  • Live Performances: Take the VOLCAKICK to the stage and infuse your live performances with dynamic and punchy kicks. Its compact size and versatile features make it a perfect companion for on-stage creativity.

8. Korg Monotron Delay Analog Ribbon Synthesizer

Korg Monotron Delay Analog Ribbon Synthesizer

Key Features

  • Analog Sound Magic: The Korg Monotron Delay Analog Ribbon Synthesizer Delay brings back the essence of classic analog synthesizer sound. With a VCO (Sawtooth) and a versatile VCF (Cutoff and Peak controls), dive into a world of warm and authentic analog tones.
  • Atmospheric Space Delay: Elevate your sound with the built-in Space Delay featuring Time and Feedback controls. Craft swooping, cosmic sounds reminiscent of analog tape echo, adding a vintage touch to your music.
  • Ribbon Keyboard for Dynamic Control: The ribbon controller keyboard provides a four-octave range, allowing dynamic pitch control. Its glow under blacklight not only adds a visual spectacle but also makes it ideal for creating a striking impact in club environments.
  • MS-20 Filter Magic: Benefit from the inclusion of the original MS-20 filter with an aux input, enabling you to apply the filter and delay to any external source. This flexibility opens up a world of sonic possibilities.
  • Portable and Battery-Powered: Weighing only 6.4 ounces and powered by 2 AAA batteries (included), the Monotron Delay is designed for on-the-go creativity. Take it anywhere, and let your musical inspiration flow.


  • Price: $44.26
  • Dimensions: 6.4 x 1.6 x 9.2 inches
  • Weight: 0.4 Pounds
  • Batteries: 2 AAA batteries required. (included)
  • Best Sellers Rank: #1,645 in Musical Instruments; #13 in Synthesizer & Workstation Keyboards
  • Average Customer Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (2,111 ratings)

Use Cases

  • Learning Analog Synthesis: Ideal for beginners wanting to explore the basics of analog synthesis. The Monotron Delay delivers a hands-on learning experience.
  • Portable Creativity: Take your creativity on the road. Its compact size, battery power, and lightweight design make it a perfect companion for musicians on the move.
  • Vintage Sound Exploration: Musicians seeking vintage tones and atmospheric sounds will appreciate the Monotron Delay’s ability to recreate classic analog synthesizer vibes.

Frequently Bought Together

  • Consider pairing the Monotron Delay with the Monotron Duo Analog Ribbon Synthesizer for a varied sonic palette. The Monotron Duo is available at a compelling price of $42.99.

9. Behringer Rhythm Designer RD-8

Behringer Rhythm Designer RD-8

Key Features

  • Classic Analog Drum Magic: The Behringer Rhythm Designer RD-8 is not just a drum machine; it’s an analog masterpiece. Boasting 16 original drum sounds, it captures the essence of the classic 808, delivering that iconic sound performance.
  • Powerful 64-Step Sequencer: Dive into beat creation with a 64-step drum sequencer that supports poly-meter, step-repeat, note-repeat, real-time triggering, track-mute, and track-solo. The possibilities are limitless for crafting dynamic and intricate rhythms.
  • Wave Designer and Dual-Mode Filter: Sculpt your sound with the integrated Wave Designer and dual-mode 12 dB filter. This combination offers unparalleled control, allowing you to shape tones and textures to suit your creative vision.
  • USB Connectivity for Modern Integration: The RD-8 embraces the modern age with USB connectivity, enabling seamless integration with your DAW. Sync and MIDI triggering bring convenience to your fingertips, allowing for easy control and song arrangement.
  • Live Performance Enhancement: Built to elevate live performances, the RD-8 features step repeat, note repeat, real-time triggering, and live step-overdubbing. It empowers you to build song structures on the fly, turning every performance into a unique experience.

Specs at a Glance

  • Weight: 7.26 Kilograms
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • ASIN: B099D9LGVY
  • Best Sellers Rank: #101,856 in Musical Instruments; #442 in Synthesizer & Workstation Keyboards
  • Date First Available: July 14, 2021

Use Cases

  • Beat Creation Mastery: Ideal for those who seek the classic analog drum sounds of the 808 with added features for modern beat creation.
  • Live Performance Brilliance: Perfect for live performers who want dynamic control over their beats, enabling on-the-fly adjustments and spontaneous creativity.
  • Studio Sound Sculpting: A must-have for studios, offering a powerful sequencer and versatile sound-shaping tools to create professional-grade beats.

Your Guide to the 9 Best Eurorack Drum Sequencers

If you’re diving into the world of Eurorack modular synthesis and on the quest for the perfect drum sequencer, you’re in for an exciting journey. Drum sequencers are the heartbeat of your modular setup, and choosing the right one can significantly impact your sonic landscape. Here’s a concise guide to the 9 Best Eurorack Drum Sequencers to help you make an informed decision.

1. Make Noise – Rene R2 Cartesian Sequencer

  • Key Features: Cartesian sequencing, touch-sensitive pads, algorithmic composition.
  • Best For: Experimentalists and those craving non-linear, dynamic rhythms.

2. ALM Busy Circuits – Pamela’s New Workout

  • Key Features: Versatile clock and modulation source, probability-based sequencing.
  • Best For: Musicians seeking a powerful, multi-purpose Eurorack clock and modulation hub.

3. Malekko Heavy Industry – Varigate 8+

  • Key Features: 8 channels, probability and randomization features, microSD card for presets.
  • Best For: Diverse rhythm creation and live performance with its extensive features.

4. Mutable Instruments – Grids

  • Key Features: Intelligent trigger generator, interactive pattern creation.
  • Best For: Eurorack enthusiasts looking for an adaptable and evolving drum sequencer.

5. Intellijel – Steppy 1U

  • Key Features: Compact design, intuitive interface, probability and repeat functions.
  • Best For: Users with limited space seeking a feature-packed 1U drum sequencer.

6. WMD – Metron

  • Key Features: 16 trigger outputs, deep customization, song mode.
  • Best For: Producers who want fine-tuned control over every drum element in a performance.

7. Tiptop Audio – Circadian Rhythms

  • Key Features: Complex pattern creation, probability, real-time control.
  • Best For: Those desiring a Eurorack drum sequencer with intricate and evolving rhythmic patterns.

8. Mutable Instruments – Marbles

  • Key Features: Random sampler and sequencer, unique rhythm generation.
  • Best For: Experimentalists looking for an unpredictable yet controllable drum sequencer.

9. Noise Engineering – Mimetic Digitalis

  • Key Features: Grid-based sequencer, probability, chaos functions.
  • Best For: Musicians who want a hands-on, grid-style interface for intricate drum programming.

Choosing the Right One for You:

  • Consider Your Style: Whether you’re into experimental, techno, or more traditional beats, choose a sequencer that aligns with your music style.
  • Space Constraints: If your rack space is limited, opt for a compact design without compromising essential features.
  • Live Performance vs. Studio Use: Some sequencers offer extensive live performance features, while others focus on deep studio functionality. Decide based on your primary use.

Conclusion: 9 Best Eurorack Drum Sequencer

In the diverse landscape of Eurorack drum sequencers, your choice is not just about finding a rhythm generator but a creative companion that resonates with your unique sonic aspirations. 

Each sequencer on this list offers a distinct personality, from the algorithmic intricacies of the Make Noise Rene R2 to the versatile clock capabilities of the Pamela’s New Workout. 

Whether you’re sculpting techno beats, experimenting with modular madness, or seeking intuitive interfaces for live performances, the perfect drum sequencer awaits. Happy sequencing!

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