Ultimate Hand-Picked List of the Best Electric Violin in 2023

Are you looking for the most updated list of top electric violins in 2022?

Then, you’re in the right place. This article will tell you all about weighing the pros and cons of choosing the best electric violin that will suit your needs.

Whether you’re a beginner, a rookie, or a professional violinist, picking the correct violin can be daunting. A market is a confusing place. Thankfully, we have it all covered for you.

Below is a list of electric violins that made it to our list of top electric violins in 2022. Stick around to learn more about them.

  • Cecilio CVNAE Ebony Fitted Acoustic/Electric Violin
  • Yamaha YEV-104 Electric Violin
  • Yamaha SV-200 Silent Violin
  • Wood Violins 6-String Fretted Viper Electric Violin Natural
  • Yamaha YEV105BL Electric Violin 5 Strings
  • Cecilio CEVN-1 Electric Violin include
  • Ted Brewer Vivo2 Electric Violin 5 STRING
  • Stratton Skull electric violin
  • Some Points To Consider When Buying An Electric Violin

Cecilio 4/4 CVNAE-330

Among Cecilio electric violins, CVNAE and CEVN-2 top the list. The fascinating thing about CVNAE electric violin is that its appearance is similar to an acoustic which is good news for fans that love a hybrid of both.

The pearly-white characteristic ebony material makes up all the parts, including the tail, finger support, pegs, chin rest, etc. It also gives it the name.


  • It has a great formal and classical appearance so it can be used in concerts.


  • It is only available in a single size and colour.

Yamaha YEV-104

This is one of the cheapest Yamaha violins to get but is still comparatively expensive than other electric violins. Let’s look at its features and weigh the pros and cons to decide whether or not it is worth the investment.

It is available in black and natural colour. It has a wooden body piece.


  • It doesn’t require a battery connection.
  • The sound quality is commendable. So many electric violin songs have been played, and I enjoyed using this one.
  • It is pretty easy to play.


  • It does not come with accessories and spare parts. You need to purchase those on your own.

Yamaha SV-200 Silent Violin

While this violin is a bit on the pricier side, the sound quality is fantastic. Moreover, you can get it in various colors: blue, black, brown and red.


  • Relatively quiet
  • It can be played casually or formally in a concert.


  • The quality of the electric violin does not sit right with the cost of it.
  • In addition, the lack of supporting accessories does not compliment the cost of the violin.

Stagg EVN X-4/4 WH

The 6-string fretted viper electric violin is one of the most creative and forms of electric violins.

It offers good features useful for both guitarists and violinists, so it offers a hybrid of both instruments.

The six-string instrument has a tuning of E-A-D-G-C-F.


  • It has a great chest support system, i.e. additional accessories such as chin rest and shoulder pads are not required.
  • It’s a mixture of guitar and violin that offer features of both.


  • There aren’t many cons with this one.

Yamaha YSV104 Electric Violin Brown

Yamaha YEV105BL electric violin is a 5-string electric violin that is one of the most unique and all-rounder violins out there.

People listening to it say that it sounds similar to a cello.

The violin itself is of excellent quality as it is made up of 6 different kinds of wood.


  • Good quality violin
  • Looks great appearance-wise.


  • This violin does not come with any accessories such as batteries, headphones etc.

Cecilio CEVN-1 Electric Violin include (black, blue, white colour) (use word futuristic in body and neck)

The best thing about Cecilio CEVN-1 Electric Violin is that it is excellent for the cost you pay, i.e. it is not too heavy on the pocket.

However, do keep in mind that it is not precisely the most suitable option for beginners.


  • It is a top-notch violin made out of good-quality materials.
  • Its sound quality is commendable.
  • It is available in many colors including black, blue, white, etc.


  • It is not the best violin for beginners.

Ted Brewer Vivo2 Electric Violin 5 STRING

Amazon link for the violin in color purple.

This Ted Brewer Electric Violin is a 5-stringed violin with unique features. It has a great and clear sound and good quality appearance.

It is one of the few electric violins with headphones.

Its cool features include a chin rest, an ebony fingerboard, and an Aluminum tailpiece and another fantastic feature is the high-end carbon fibre bridge. On top of these accessories, it includes headphones and a socket too.

This confirms that the violin with its features is remarkable for its cost.

Stratton Skull Electric Violin

As the name suggests, the Stratton skull electric violin is a skull-shaped electric violin. Its proper form of music is both acoustic and high-volume performance. This is great, making it a flexible instrument to have.

Some Points To Consider When Buying An Electric Violin


An electric violin isn’t just a violin or a guitar. It has innovative and unique features. To get a good electric guitar, you need to keep a reasonable budget for it. To enjoy a reasonably acceptable quality and sound, one must set out at least $700 -$ 900 for an excellent electric violin.


The tone of an electric violin is quite different from a regular acoustic violin. Electric violins have bridges that give them a unique tone. So, this must be kept in mind.


There are many reasons for choosing to get an electric violin.

Whether you want to play it for pleasure, develop your motor skills, want to experiment, play it professionally, at local settings, at a big concert, every setting is different. One must keep all these things in mind.


They have a good quality wood that makes the body, coupled with other features and accessories. Generally, an excellent electric violin weighs around 480 grams. However, it can also go up to 570 grams.

Electric Violin Brands

Here’s a list of popular electric violin brands that have helped shape the electric violin music industry.

  • Stagg Music
  • Kinglos
  • Barcus Berry
  • Cremona


Electric Violins are a unique and innovative instrument. They are not meant to be everyone’s cup of tea. They appeal to a very selective and specific group of people. However, electric violins can be great instruments to learn and play as a hobby.

Many passionate violinists take this hobby to stage and play professionally. Thankfully, this article will help people go through the features of various famous electric violins and make their pick based on their preferences.

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