20 Best Drake Songs of All Time

Best Drake Songs of All Time

When it comes to modern hip-hop and R&B, few artists have left as profound an impact as Drake. His ability to blend heartfelt introspection with infectious beats has earned him a special place in the hearts of music lovers worldwide. 

In this article, we dive into the 20 best Drake songs of all time, showcasing his versatility, lyrical prowess, and undeniable charisma.

20 Best Drake Songs of All Time

‘Marvin’s Room’ (2011) By Drake

In this emotive track, Drake’s vulnerability shines through as he navigates the complexities of a past relationship. The rawness of his lyrics combined with the haunting melody makes ‘Marvin’s Room’ an instant classic.

‘The Motion’ (2013) By Drake

In ‘The Motion,’ Drake reflects on fame and success while grappling with the impact they have on his personal relationships. The introspective lyrics and smooth production make this track a standout.

‘Started from the Bottom’ (2013) By: Drake

A true anthem of resilience, ‘Started from the Bottom’ chronicles Drake’s journey from humble beginnings to superstardom. The catchy chorus and motivational lyrics have made it a go-to track for anyone chasing their dreams.

‘Know Yourself’ (2015) By Drake

With its iconic opening line, “Running through the 6 with my woes,” ‘Know Yourself’ captures the essence of Drake’s Toronto roots. The self-assured lyrics and hypnotic beat make it a fan favorite.

‘I’m on One’ (DJ Khaled feat Drake, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne, 2011)

A collaborative effort that showcases Drake’s versatility, ‘I’m on One’ is a club banger with memorable verses from all artists involved. Its catchy hook and infectious energy make it a party essential.

‘Crew Love’ (2011) By Drake

Teaming up with The Weeknd, Drake delivers a track that explores the highs and lows of fame and friendship. The ethereal production and emotive lyrics create a captivating sonic experience.

‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’ feat Majid Jordan (2013) By Drake

In this departure from his usual sound, Drake delivers a smooth and romantic track that pays homage to 80s R&B. The infectious melody and heartfelt lyrics make it a timeless love song.

‘5am in Toronto’ (2013) By Drake

Drake’s lyrical prowess takes center stage in ‘5am in Toronto’ as he reflects on his success, haters, and his place in the music industry. The clever wordplay and sharp delivery showcase his rap skills.

‘Too Much’ (2013) By Drake

Featuring Sampha, ‘Too Much’ delves into Drake’s struggles with fame and the pressure it places on his relationships. The emotional depth of the song resonates with listeners on a profound level.

‘Versace Remix’ (Migos feat Drake, 2013)

Drake’s feature on the ‘Versace Remix’ injects his signature style into the trap-infused track. His energetic delivery and memorable verses elevate the song to new heights.

‘0 to 100/The Catch Up’ (2014) By Drake

An anthem of self-assuredness and ambition, ‘0 to 100/The Catch Up’ showcases Drake’s confident flow and charismatic delivery. The track’s two-part structure adds layers to its storytelling.

‘Tuesday’ (ILOVEMAKKONEN feat Drake, 2014)

As a featured artist, Drake adds his flair to ‘Tuesday,’ enhancing its catchy melody and injecting his own experiences into the lyrics. The collaboration results in an infectious and memorable hit.

‘How About Now’ (2014) By Drake

In ‘How About Now,’ Drake confronts his past and reflects on relationships that have come and gone. The introspective lyrics and relatable themes resonate with listeners.

‘Best I Ever Had’ (2009) By Drake

A song that propelled Drake into the mainstream, ‘Best I Ever Had’ showcases his ability to craft memorable hooks and deliver relatable verses. Its impact on his career cannot be overstated.

‘Worst Behaviour’ (2013) By Drake

With a swaggering delivery, ‘Worst Behaviour’ sees Drake asserting his dominance in the rap game. The braggadocious lyrics and assertive tone make it a standout track.

‘Think Good Thoughts’ (2009) By Drake

In this reflective track, Drake opens up about his aspirations and journey through the music industry. The song’s introspection and motivational message offer a glimpse into his mindset.

‘Cameras/Good Ones Go’ (2011) By Drake

Drake’s introspective exploration continues in ‘Cameras/Good Ones Go,’ where he reflects on love, fame, and personal growth. The seamless transition between the two parts adds depth to the song.

‘The Search’ (2009) By Drake

In ‘The Search,’ Drake grapples with the challenges of finding purpose and meaning in life. His introspective lyrics and thought-provoking themes resonate with listeners searching for their own path.

‘Headlines’ (2011) By Drake

An anthem of triumph and success, ‘Headlines’ sees Drake embracing his achievements while acknowledging the challenges that come with fame. The catchy chorus and motivational lyrics make it a memorable hit.

‘6 God’ (2015) By Drake

With its aggressive delivery and confident lyrics, ‘6 God’ showcases Drake’s brash side. The track’s energy and bold statements demonstrate his dominance in the rap genre.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Drake’s most popular song?

While opinions may vary, one of Drake’s most popular songs is undoubtedly ‘Hotline Bling.’ Its catchy tune, memorable dance moves, and relatable lyrics made it a viral sensation.

Has Drake won any awards for his music?

Yes, Drake has received numerous awards for his music, including Grammy Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and Juno Awards. His impact on the music industry is widely recognized.

Is Drake involved in any philanthropic activities?

Yes, Drake is known for his philanthropic efforts. He has supported various causes, including education, healthcare, and social justice initiatives, showcasing his commitment to giving back.

What sets Drake apart as an artist?

Drake’s ability to blend different genres, deliver emotive lyrics, and connect with listeners on a personal level sets him apart. His versatility and authenticity have earned him a dedicated fan base.

Are there any upcoming projects from Drake?

Drake is known for keeping his fans excited with new music. While specific details may vary, fans can always anticipate new projects, collaborations, and surprises from the talented artist.

How has Drake’s music evolved over the years?

Drake’s music has evolved from introspective and emotional tracks to more assertive and confident songs. His exploration of various themes and willingness to experiment contribute to his artistic growth.


As we journeyed through the 20 best Drake songs of all time, it’s evident that his impact on the music industry is undeniable. From emotionally charged ballads to energetic anthems, Drake’s versatility and lyrical prowess continue to captivate audiences around the world. Whether you’re a dedicated fan or new to his music, these timeless hits are a testament to his enduring legacy.

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