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A professional software for the

creators of tomorrow

  • Generate unlimited amounts of original music 


  • Automatically synchronize your music to your video


  • Automatically add precise volume adjustments


  • Add multi-language subtitles at the press of a button

10.13 or later

10.13 or later

Innovative professional features for the modern video creator

A personal composer...

Imagine having a composer by your side for all of your projects.
This is Muzeek, the first A.I composer capable of generating high-quality soundtracks tailor-made to any of your projects. 

...that understands your video...

Our video analysis tool communicates with the composer to generate tailor-made soundtracks that match your project.

...accelerates your workflow...

Automatically adjust the volume and add multi-language subtitles. 

...and is secure to use.

Safely and easily broadcast your projects thanks to our comprehensive one-click licensing.

Unlimited music generation

Climax technology

Automatic video sync

Live preview 

Smart Volume

Automatic subtitles

10.13 or later